Many see competition as a bad thing, but we see it as a driving force. If there is a competing promotional products shop in our territory, we welcome the opportunity to prove that we are the premier garment printing franchise that can help a business with all their print marketing needs. Here’s why competition is a good thing, and how it helps Fully Promoted franchisees stay on top of their game.

The Competition Has Fewer Resources

Small, independent businesses don’t have a lot of the things that come with a garment printing franchise like us. We provide our franchisees with numerous resources that help them start a business with confidence. From training and startup support services to ongoing support, we have our franchise owners covered. Lacking these resources, small business owners, are often left guessing when a problem arises or a customer has an unusual request. We make sure you’re prepared.

Fully Promoted Has a Competitive Advantage

The branded products industry is estimated to be worth over $20 billion. This means there is a lot of potential for businesses looking to break into it. However, we offer something that you cannot get when you start a small business. Our turnkey investment breaks down everything you need to get a franchise started. We factored in things like staring liquid capital so you have funding for initial expenses, royalties, and our franchise fee, which grants you the exclusive rights to use the Fully Promoted brand name.

Our brand name also gives you a competitive advantage. Fully Promoted franchises are all over the country, which means customers know about us and the quality services and materials we offer. We are also an award-winning garment printing franchise, so people know that we are the people to turn to for their marketing needs. It is hard for the competition to match our reputation, especially if they are small businesses still trying to get their name out there.

We Are More than Just a Garment Printing Franchise

We offer so much more than just custom t-shirts and garments. Our franchisees work with customers to find the best promotional product materials for them and their business. The consulting adds an effective element to the process of selecting promotional products, and our customers value that. Competition may just stand and wait for customers to make their selections, but our franchisees want to be proactive. By working with customers to make the best selections for their budgets and needs, we create customer loyalty for life.

Invest in something more than a garment printing franchise. We offer a promotional products franchise opportunity that serves as a one-stop shop for al our customers’ marketing and advertising needs. Since we got our start in 2000, we have been bringing quality products and consistent service to every location all over the country. Get started with your own Fully Promoted franchise today and have a competitive advantage over others in the industry.

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