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Opportunity to Create a Branded Apparel Franchise

Get Creative with a Garment Printing Franchise

Owning a garment printing franchise gives you access to a very lucrative business. With our help, you can build up a business that prints out any design, no matter the intricacy, to give your clients the printed garments that suit their marketing purposes.

Why Garment Printing?

The short answer: printed garments are in high demand for businesses in any industry and community. Garment printing – called direct-to-garment or DTG printing in the industry – is more suitable for small batches than screen printing, which is why Fully Promoted franchisees can offer this additional service to their clients. By adding this popular service, we are able to fully meet all our clients’ needs without requiring large batch orders.

Furthermore, Fully Promoted is a growing business, and we are constantly upgrading our services and staying up to date with all the new trends to provide you with the ideal garment printing franchise.


Benefits for Your Customers

Garment printing is a popular offering that your clients will love. At the end of the day, we want to sell the things your customers are buying, which is why we include this optional service. DTG printing has unique benefits that are different from our other services, which is why some of our owners offer this in addition to other apparel products.

The advantages of DTG for your customers include:

  • Longer Lasting – The ink is injected directly into the fabric, which means the wearer won’t feel any texture, and, in comparison to other methods, it takes longer for the design to fade or tear.
  • Convenient – We provide you with DTG printers that are easy to set up, making it even easier for you to earn.
  • Digital – Garment printing uses software to print out designs. There’s no need to do it layer by layer like other printing methods, which makes the process a lot faster.
  • Accurate – Our DTG printer uses digital software to print designs in one go. Its accuracy is, by far, the best of all printing methods.
  • Easily Customized – Your customers will love how much freedom they will have with their designs. Each client can fully customize their garment.
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Fully Promoted: A Garment Printing Franchise

At Fully Promoted, we strive to be a one-stop shop for all our clients’ marketing and promotional needs. We offer the full spectrum of products and services so if your customers want DTG printing you can meet that need.

When you join our franchise family, you will be able to benefit from our resources, suppliers, and tested equipment to make DTG printing easy for you. Adding this service to your business adds another potential revenue stream, padding your bottom line. And that’s always a good thing. Contact us for more information about our custom t-shirt franchise opportunity.

Take advantage of the growing garment printing business and become a part of the Fully Promoted family. Fill out our contact form or call us today to learn more about our services.