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Bring Designs to Life with a Custom T-Shirt Franchise

T-shirts are fun, creative, and always in demand. When it comes to shirts, everyone is a customer.

Some aspiring entrepreneurs may not consider a custom t-shirt franchise a valuable business venture. But with the competition growing fiercer in the marketing field, more brands now realize that t-shirts might be one of their best strategies.

Social media is helpful but spreading the word about a business with a shirt is still powerful, which is why this is still one of the most popular products Fully Promoted franchise owners sell.


Why Custom T-shirts Matter

Businesses that want to stand out often choose shirts to promote the brand. People will see the shirts everywhere, which arouses curiosity. It establishes stronger brand recognition – the more people have and wear the t-shirts, the more eyes will see and learn about the business. And here’s the best part about branded shirts: they “go” everywhere, giving businesses more reach. Pens, notebooks, and mugs are still ideal items, but shirts tie the brand’s presentation and collateral package together.

Because shirts are some of the most popular branded items for small businesses, a custom t-shirt franchise can bring in many customers. Whether they are just individuals who want to wear their art or actual artists commissioned for their artwork on a shirt, custom T-shirts draw in a wide variety of wearers.

Additionally, businesses use custom t-shirts for their employee uniforms, which is yet another use for this versatile and lucrative product.

Here at Fully Promoted, we see the growing demand for custom shirts and we want you to benefit from it. With our franchise services, we will help you make the most out of the demand for better marketing tools – in this case, it’s in the form of customized shirts.

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Printing Methods

We offer a few different printing methods, so your customers can get exactly what they need from their shirts. With our tested and proven equipment, we will prepare you for any custom t-shirt challenge that comes your way.

Here are the three most popular methods:

  • Screen printing: Fast and effective for anything from souvenirs to employee uniforms
  • Direct to garment printing: Better for small batches or intricate, highly-detailed designs
  • Embroidery: Great for company logos or other small designs

Give your customers options and they will be sure to find the perfect custom t-shirt for their business or group.

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Expanding Catalog

Thanks to technology, winning the promotional products game is easier. In the past, marketers and brands were limited by cost and availability, making custom t-shirts a harder business to get into. Advances in screen printing and embroidery techniques make it possible for us to provide a wider variety of clothing options. There has never been a better time for you to enter the marketing service and branded products business with a custom t-shirt franchise.

For more information on franchising with Fully Promoted, contact us today.