A Full Service Promotional Products Franchise


Give Your Customers the Marketing Tools They Need

As a Fully Promoted franchise owner, you are helping businesses in your community with one of the most essential aspects of business ownership: marketing. A strong, well-rounded marketing strategy can have a major positive impact on a business. Marketing is what brings in customers and gets a company’s name out in the world.

Fully Promoted is unique in our industry. We are one of the few full service promotional products franchises. That means that our franchisees help their clients create, design, and implement marketing strategies from top to bottom. The two major parts of that are promotional products and marketing services.

Be Your Own Boss

There is no feeling as satisfying as being your own boss. The desire to own your own business is embedded in the fabric of America, and it is a key part of the American Dream. Being your own boss means that you are in charge of where your business goes, how hard you work, who you hire, and so much more. The responsibilities are serious, but business owners feel rewarded at the end of the day knowing that every business decision they made went toward their own goals.

Promotional Products

A business’s logo is extremely valuable if they utilize it effectively. Many businesses put their names and logos on everything from pens to magnets to tote bags, displaying it everywhere for potential customers to see.

Fully Promoted offers a full range of promotional products for our clients. Here are just a few of the items we offer:

  • Apparel: Aprons, hats, jackets and t-shirts are all great places to promote a business. Our history is in embroidery and screen printing, so we have the tools and expertise to create apparel however the client wants it.
  • Office Supplies: If you’ve ever gone to a bank or an auto body shop, you have probably accidentally walked out with a pen. That’s why so many businesses have their names on their pens and other office supplies: Because it is another chance to remind people about your business.
  • Trade Show Swag: Nothing helps make a memorable impression at a trade show than useful items that contacts will reuse time and time again. Things like pens, key chains, notepads, and lanyards all help your client’s company stand out.

Every company is different, so each client wants something unique when it comes to their promotional products. The beauty of owning a promotional products franchise is that you can work with each client individually to ensure you are meeting their needs.

Marketing Services

In our world, having your business name on pens and polo shirts just isn’t enough. In order to have a complete marketing strategy, businesses need to take advantage of print and digital marketing.

The newest form of marketing that has many business owners stumped is digital marketing. As a Fully Promoted franchise owner, you will have the tools and the training to help your clients navigate the digital landscape with:

  • Websites: Having a high quality website is important in the world today. Consumers are relying on a company’s website to learn about its products and what the company is all about. Just as important as having a functional website is ensuring that a site is optimized for mobile use. Local consumers find businesses on mobile more than any other source, so this is key.
  • Social Media: Most businesses know they need to be using social media, but many of them do not know how to do so effectively. Implementing a strong social media strategy is essential to local businesses, because they can really benefit by connecting with their customers.
  • Lead Generation: Finding clients or customers—also called leads—is the #1 goal of most companies. Finding leads online doesn’t need to be tricky, and Fully Promoted’s combination of quality content, SEO, and analytics helps your clients reach their goals.

Digital marketing is an increasingly important part of a well-rounded marketing strategy. Opening a Fully Promoted franchise adds value to the businesses and organizations in your community who need to utilize this resource.

Worried You Don’t Have the Experience to Run a Promotional Products Franchise?

We often hear from people who are interested in our brand, but worry that they don’t have the right background to succeed. The good news is that you can own a Fully Promoted regardless of your background! We are proud to give each franchisee some of the most extensive training in all of franchising, ensuring that you are prepared to get to work.

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