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​Who Is the Competition?

Before you invest in a franchise, part of your due diligence is researching your territory and the other businesses in your market. In this research you should be looking for potential clients as well as the competition for your brand. Knowing your competition before you open prepares you to advertise and market your business to show customers what sets us apart.

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​What Sets Us Apart

As you are researching your competition, it is important to remember what sets Fully Promoted apart in the industry. For one thing, we are completely unique among other franchise opportunities because we offer complete marketing solutions to our customers. There is no other company that sells hundreds of thousands of the highest quality promotional products and branded apparel as well as expert marketing services, including traditional and digital strategies.

Even better, our brand is flexible enough that you can pick and choose the services that you offer based on what is in demand in your market. Expanding your services is in your best interest because each product and service is money in your pocket. When you are an independent business owner, selling new products or services requires a lot of research and testing to find the best supplier and price. When you join Fully Promoted, we take care of the R&D for you, so you can add new products with ease.

In addition, our partnership with United Franchise Group (UFG) will give you a great advantage that you wouldn’t get with any other brand. UFG is The Global Leader for Entrepreneurs, with a vast network of thousands of franchisees across the globe, so their experience training new franchisees and supporting them in their success is invaluable.

But what sets us apart from the competition more than anything else is our system. After more than 20 years in business, we have created a franchise system that has helped our network of business owners succeed. Whether you already own a business or you are new to entrepreneurship, this is a system you want to join.

​Fully Promoted’s Competition

The best way to know what businesses your Fully Promoted franchise will be competing against is to thoroughly research your area. Look for companies that offer any of our services, including branded apparel, screen printing, promotional products, business printing, lead services, SEO, and awards. Knowing the competition is a great way to get ahead of the game when you open and advertise your franchise.

Knowing how we set ourselves apart from the competition will help you when you are advertising and marketing your franchise. A knowledge of the other businesses in your area informs the way you talk to your prospective clients, so you can confidently show them why they should do business with you.

Oh, and don’t forget that our expert marketing teams are here to help you create professional marketing and advertising plans, maximizing the time and money you spend on attracting customers.


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