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At one point, we have all received a company-branded pen, bag, or even t-shirt — promotional products are everywhere. These products make an incredible impact, and when you invest in a Fully Promoted personalized gifts franchise, you’ll be entering one of the most effective sectors of branded marketing. Take a moment to learn more about our clients, the impact of our services, and our accelerating promotional products market.

Our Clients and Their Needs

Fully Promoted is a B2B service brand that works exclusively with businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our clients range from smaller, locally-owned shops to medium size businesses, each of them looking for assistance in marketing their brand with eye-catching personalized products. Here we have listed below just a few of the industries we partner with:

  • Education
  • Auto Brands 
  • Medical
  • Hospitality 
  • Banking 
  • And many more

All of our customers are looking to boost their marketing strategies, and they know that we are the experts. Fully Promoted franchisees collaborate with their clients to create exciting products that showcase their brand in the best possible light. When your clients are considered partners, business ownership is far easier. You’re able to understand their needs, come to an agreement on solutions, and build a business relationship that lasts. That’s a significant advantage of going into business with Fully Promoted. 

The Impact of Promotional Products

Studies on the most effective methods of marketing are often mistakenly focused on tired forms of outbound advertising. Branded items have a greater influence than people might assume, here are a few interesting facts about the impact of product marketing:

  • 90% – consumers who say promotional products help them recall a brand they are interested in
  • 63% – consumers that pass on personalized items to somewhere else, allowing more eyes to see the brand name (consumers carry promotional products for an average of 6.6 months)
  • 334 – number of impressions a single promotional item averages monthly  
  • 83% – consumers who say they are more likely to do business with a company that provides promotional products
  • 70% – brands or companies that consider promotional products an effective method of achieving marketing efforts 

There is plenty to take away from these statistics, but what sticks out the most is the effectiveness of our products. When you own a Fully Promoted embroidery franchise, you’ll be providing your clients with a fresh way to showcase their name that has real results. 

Personalized Gifts Franchise Market Growth 

The promotional products industry is a multi-billion-dollar market that is gaining momentum and showing promise for future growth. According to research conducted in 2019, the promotional products industry was valued at over $23.3 billion This almost a $10 billion dollar spike since 2009 and our industry is continuing to clear signs of growth as time goes on. This is why Fully Promoted is eagerly inviting new owners to our promotional products franchise opportunity. With our expert guidance, you can become an established personalized gift franchise owner yourself!

Interesting in learning about our investment? Would you like to open a personalized gift franchise yourself? Contact us today!