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Are you interested in starting a promotional product or embroidery franchise? Industry trends show that now is a great time to make your move and there’s no better franchisor than Fully Promoted to help you break into the business. We’ve been in business for years, and have experience producing a wide range of promotional products, from magnets to uniforms. Read on to learn more about why you should invest soon. 

Strong Industry Growth

The promotional products industry has been steadily growing for years and is estimated to be worth around $18 billion. There are lots of reasons for this growth, and it’s been shown time and time again that promotional products are effective marketing tools. For instance, it’s estimated that around 89% of customers can recall brand names on promotional products they received for two years! Along these lines, people love receiving promotional products because they’re useful. Reusable tote bags, for example, are popular and useful household necessities, and our promotional products franchise can produce customized totes for our clients. The many businesses we serve love that we can help them build strong relationships with potential customers in their area. 

Why a Franchise?

If you’re thinking of opening a promotional product or embroidery franchise, you’ve likely considered the alternative: going it alone. However, partnering with an experienced franchisor like Fully Promoted comes with many advantages – and you won’t find a franchisor with better expertise than us. Independent owners often struggle to anticipate exactly what they’ll need to get started, how to effectively reach their target customers, and which operating procedures will be most efficient. Fully Promoted, on the other hand, has already figured all of these things out, and we’re ready to pass that knowledge along to our franchisees. We work with them every step of the way to help them get their franchise ready for business. 

No Experience Needed 

One of the best parts of starting a promotional products franchise with Fully Promoted is that you don’t need to have graphic design or business ownership experience in order to take full advantage of the opportunity. We’ve developed a comprehensive training program that’s designed to teach you the basics of how to run one of our embroidery franchises. We show you how to do everything from taking orders, to working with our wide range of approved vendors, to finding and retaining customers. Fully Promoted stands out in the industry because we don’t just offer one type of promotional product. Not only do we offer embroidered and screen-printed apparel, we supply our customers with mugs, keychains, pens – just about anything they could imagine. Our franchisees are thrilled to find that offering this wide selection of products is simple with our time-tested business model, and our training effectively prepares them to do business.

Ready to learn more about why now is a great time to invest in a promotional products franchise? Contact Fully Promoted today!