As you commit yourself to excellent service in your screen printing business, you’ll quickly realize the importance of winning positive customer reviews on each of the many online platforms. Some of the hottest places to win digital accolades today are Facebook, Yelp and Google, but there are countless others.

If you are a business or franchise owner in the screen printing industry or are considering making that leap, it pays to consider the urgency of this new review-centered decision-making trend.

It’s being referred to as social proof, and data shows that digitally savvy customers are making purchasing decisions largely based on what their peers are saying about their experiences.

So how do you get customers to leave positive feedback online?

Here are five simple steps.

1) Go above and beyond.

This starts with delivering a really great product, tailored to customers’ desired specifications; but it ends with so much more.

Making sure to provide the product or service in a timely manner and with a friendly demeanor are make or break aspects of your effort that must not be overlooked.

2) Learn from your past.

As business owners in the screen printing business, we’re always so focused on filling that next order and earning a review from the customer in front of us that we sometimes fail to appreciate the past.

Our previous online reviews, good and bad, will serve as an excellent guide for improving our reviews in the future. Repeat what customers have raved about and fix what they’ve complained about. 

And don’t be afraid to reach out to unhappy customers. In fact, working to quickly rectify negative experiences shows clients you care and can influence them to amend or update their initial review.

3) Nail the consultation.

Another easily overlooked aspect of your screen printing business efforts takes place before you even open up your design software or power up the printer.

If you practice top-notch listening skills when consulting with customers and ask great questions, you’ll have the proper information necessary to give the customer exactly what they wanted and more.

4) Materials matter.

If you short-change your customers on the quality of the fabrics, patches, ink or any other ingredient that goes into your final product, you’ll find out after the invoice is paid.

Not only will they not return for their next order, but they’ll do their best to encourage others to stay away with a litany of lambasting online reviews.

5) Strike in the “wow moment.”

A great time to ask for a review from your customer is right after they receive their order and are experiencing their satisfaction. Thanks to review services like Hyper-Local, you can get that positive review while they’re still basking in their enthusiasm for your service.

Some small-business owners or employees might balk at an enhanced focus on getting positive reviews, suggesting it is somehow dishonest or leading. You are right to remind yourself and your fellow staff members that great customer reviews are built on the foundation of excellent customer service.

But doing your part to mend and maintain your online reputation is smart, savvy and ultimately helps both your team and your customers make better choices.

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