West Palm Beach, FL – SEPTEMBER 3, 2020Fully Promoted, the world’s largest branded products and marketing services franchise, is helping businesses get back to business with its wide range of promotional products. Most recently, Michelle Bottino, owner and operator of Fully Promoted St. Charles in Illinois, helped her local Chamber of Commerce execute a successful event with the use of color-coded wristbands to identify comfort levels regarding social distancing.

Bottino, an active member of the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce, recently collaborated with the Chamber to determine an effective way to drive event attendance while maintaining social distance and allowing attendees to feel comfortable. Together, the two came up with providing attendees with color-coded wristbands. The branded, disposable bracelets were available at the check-in table. Guests were given the option to choose from three bracelets to indicate their preferred level of interaction.

  • Green – Happy to high five and hug!
  • Yellow – I am okay with talking but please no hugging or handshakes.
  • Red – Happy to see you but keeping my distance.

“My business focuses primarily on helping others promote their businesses. I couldn’t help but think that I could do more for them right now as they rebuild and get back to networking in person in some fashion,” said Bottino. “The wristband is just one of the many ways we are looking to get businesses back to business at a time when they need us the most. The St. Charles Chamber of Commerce chose to use this affordable yet extremely effective visual aid to help put attendees at ease while attending an event and adhering to local guidelines and regulations. It takes away the need to verbally express, Hey… I’m here, but I‘m not comfortable shaking hands just yet. At Fully Promoted, our goal is to keep our customers safe, but we have to learn to live with COVID and get back to business.”

With the success of this event and others like it, Fully Promoted has introduced an entire line of Networking Bracelets for in person gatherings and events including reusable silicone bracelets, rubber wristbands and Tyvek paper wristbands.

“The past several months has presented challenges across every single industry,” said Mike Brugger, President of Fully Promoted. “I am proud of Michelle and our entire Fully Promoted network for their dedication to helping their local communities as businesses reopen. Michelle and the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce identified a safe way for businesses to get back to business and successfully host events where everyone can feel comfortable.”

Today, businesses need to be equipped with user-friendly and on-demand tools to remain top-of-mind. With approximately 300 locations worldwide, Fully Promoted is uniquely positioned to give customers an online and physical option so they can see and touch the product prior to purchasing. For businesses seeking content and promotional products, you are encouraged to visit the Fully Promoted shopping platform featuring hundreds of quality promotional products.

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