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While Fully Promoted is well-known in the promotional products industry, we’re also experts in the garment printing business. Custom printed garments are among the most popular and in-demand promotional products, thanks in part to their versatility.

As Fully Promoted continues to grow and expand our offerings, we’re constantly upgrading our services. We help our garment printing franchise owners stay up to date with all of the latest trends so they can continue to offer their customers high-quality products.

Why Provide Garment Printing

We’ve become an industry leader in providing garment printing, also known as direct-to-garment (or DTG) printing. This system is more suitable for smaller batches and helps to meet clients’ needs without requiring a large batch order.

Garment printing is a popular offering that clients love. We include this optional service because it works for any industry and is customizable to your clients’ needs. Some examples of custom garment printing include branded apparel and uniforms, custom t-shirts, and embroidery.

Who Needs Garment Printing?

In reality, any one of our customers can utilize garment printing services. Most are local small business owners, just like you. They come to Fully Promoted to help grow their business and attract more customers. When working with other professionals, you’ll be able to cater to their unique needs and be creative every day.

Aside from our B2B customers, we also help clients in a wide variety of industries. These industries include non-profits, charities, education, medical, restaurant, banking, manufacturing, and oil and gas, among others. Think of how many clients could benefit from customized apparel. The options are literally endless.

Advantages of Garment Printing

Our garment printing business offers your customers many advantages. Those advantages include:

  • Longer-lasting ink. With ink directly injected into the fabric, the wearer won’t feel any texture, and it takes longer for the design to fade or tear.
  • Convenience. Fully Promoted provides franchise owners with DTG printers that are easy to set up and turn around a profit.
  • Digital designing. Our garment printing uses software to print out designs, which is a lot faster than traditional layer-by-layer printing methods.
  • Accuracy. The garment printing software that our DTG printer uses prints designs in one go with complete accuracy.
  • Easily customizable. Fully Promoted customers appreciate the freedom they have with the design process, allowing them to fully customize their garments.
  • Fully Promoted’s franchisee resources. We provide our owners with our full array of resources, suppliers, and tested equipment to make this offering an easy avenue of potential revenue.

Fully Promoted strives to be a one-stop shop for all of our clients’ promotional product needs. When you franchise with us, you can bring all of these offerings to clients near you.

Curious to learn more about garment printing business opportunities with Fully Promoted? Contact us today!