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Are you wondering if there’s a market for promotional products or if owning a promotional products business is right for you?

At Fully Promoted, we know that promotional products can be a hugely effective advertising medium because of the number of impressions that businesses can get out of each product and the fact that, well, everybody loves getting free stuff! But don’t take our word for it.

Why Promotional Products Produce Results

Two interrelated data sets tell the story behind promotional products’ effectiveness:

This tells us that 1) promotional products are really making the rounds, and 2) when consumers receive a promotional product from a company, they’re far more likely to remember their kindness and recall their brand.

That’s great for spreading brand awareness and putting customers in a company’s good graces, which can’t help but increase supplier sales. So there’s definitely a market for these items!

More Than 80% of Consumers Crave Promotional Products

A full 83% of customers like receiving promotional products with an advertising message from a company.

That’s great news, because promotional products are themselves usually economical for businesses to muster — branded bag ties cost one-tenth of a cent and many wearable wristbands cost just under a dime apiece.

With everything going digital and becoming simpler these days, teaming up with Fully Promoted’s franchise and proven track record of 300+ stores globally could be a huge opportunity.

More Than 60% Re-Gift No-Longer-Used Promotional Gear

More than three out of five consumers (63%) will pass on promotional products if they don’t deem those promotional products useful anymore.

This statistic might come off as somewhat bittersweet — since in an ideal world customers would get years of use out of every piece of merchandise — but it’s really a blessing in disguise.

Customers who give away or “re-gift” promotional products are really extending those products’ use and creating more impressions. There’s also no limit to the kinds of items you can create and sell by owning a promotional products business.

More than Half of Customers Have a More Favorable View

We all know that promotional products can work as both giveaways for trade shows and goodies to keep around the office to boost employee morale.

Among those receiving promotional products, a full 59% have a more favorable impression of the brand after receiving the product.

In other words, customers are getting mileage out of promotional gear and taking more of a shine to companies that provide it.

Promotional Bags Net, on Average, 6,000 Impressions!

This stat might be the most mind-blowing, since we don’t often think of promotional bags as the superstars of the promotional-products world, nor do we necessarily think something as simple as a bag could substantially benefit businesses. It’s true, though.

Promotional bags net around 6,000 impressions (aka views) apiece — making promotional bags the most viewed promotional product around.

85% of Recipients Do Business with the Advertiser

This one might be the most important stat of all. Eighty-five percent — or 17 out of 20 of your customers who receive promotional products — go on to do business with the advertiser.

Since promotional gear does both so effectively, you know that there’s a huge opportunity for promotional product franchisees looking to fill the void. To find out more about this franchising opportunity with Fully Promoted, visit our website today!

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