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When we opened Fully Promoted in 2000, we knew we had unique promotional products to offer. Since then, we’ve become the world’s largest branded products and marketing services franchise, and we continue to hone our craft and expand our product offerings to reach more clients. If you want to open a promotional products franchise, look no further than Fully Promoted. We are a turnkey franchise opportunity; we help our promotional products franchisees with all of their needs for opening a store, including equipment and real estate assistance.

Opening a promotional products franchise with Fully Promoted is the beginning of your success story. Multiple organizations have published studies about the current state of the promotional products industry, and the facts are astonishing. 

  • It’s a multi-billion dollar, in-demand industry. The promotional product industry is valued at $14B in the U.S., reports IBISWorld.
  • Americans like promotional products. Studies from a 2019 consumer report from Promotional Products Association International show that some 88% of consumers recalled an advertiser on a promotional product they received in the last 12 months, and 83% of Americans like receiving promotional products with an advertising message. 
  • High-quality is king. In the same study from Promotional Products Association International, 70% of advertiser and agencies consider promotional products at the very least effective, if not highly effective. 72% of consumers believe the quality of promotional items equals the reputation of the company. 

Experts in Apparel and Promotional Products Franchise

We’re a one-stop destination for small- and medium-sized businesses. Our franchisees provide products, services, solutions, and ideas to take our clients to the next level. 

Our products and services support business-to-business (B2B) marketing practices. Branded apparel, for example, presents the company image in a new, exciting way. Traditionally, promotional products franchises were limited to pens, mugs, and paper goods, but we’re happy to offer so much more than that. Fully Promoted products include pens, notebooks, clothes, bags, and more. Our catalog of product offerings is always growing as we’re also able to apply screen printing to more materials at a faster pace. 

Fully Promoted provides custom apparel to many organizations and businesses, with our embroidery and screen printing of the highest quality. We can provide your clients with t-shirts, aprons, sweatshirts, sweaters, polos and button-ups, and industry-specific wear, like a chef’s coat. As we continue to grow, we’re able to offer more products to our franchisees, which means you’ll never run out of products to offer, and you’ll have multiple revenue streams to draw on.  

What We Offer Our Franchisees

Signing on with Fully Promoted will offer you a truly turnkey promotional products franchise experience. We include everything you need, from hardware, software, fixtures, and furnishings. We’re also able to provide real estate assistance, site selection help, lease negotiations, and build-out support. 

Once you open your franchise, our help doesn’t stop there. Some of the leading industry perks Franchisees can also take advantage of are noted below:

Regular updates. We provide our franchisees with all of the tools and news to keep their business up-to-date.

Repeat business. Businesses are always looking for new marketing techniques. Catering to other businesses shows clients our quality, and often brings them back for repeat business. 

Diverse client base. We have clients in every industry, and we’ve put logos and names on pretty much everything. There isn’t anything we can’t do!

Curious to learn more about how to open a promotional products franchise with Fully Promoted? Contact us today!