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Differentiators (competitive advantages)

The thriving promotional products industry is a behemoth with plenty of opportunities for new investors to get in on. With such a large industry, there are many different franchising opportunities available. As one of the largest franchises in the industry, it only makes sense to start a promotional products business with Fully Promoted as a franchisor.

Fully Promoted remains a family-owned business that’s consistently awarded for our franchise opportunity. With over 250 locations across 15 countries, we have the best buying power, incredible brand recognition, great vendor relationships, and an inspiring community of owners.

So what sets us apart? The Fully Promoted franchise opportunity is designed to provide many unique competitive advantages that franchise owners won’t find anywhere else.

We Have Industry Honors

Fully Promoted is consistently ranked as a top franchise to own. Our proven track record confirms that we have the experience and knowledge to give franchise owners the resources they need to start their business and show them support every step of the way.

Our awards and accolades include being ranked as a top franchise to own and No. 1 in our category by Entrepreneur magazine, the top distributors in the commercial industry by ASI, and recognition from IFA, IBBA, Global Franchise, MilitaryTimes, and more.

Our Promotional Product Company Has a Proven Business Model

As one of world’s largest branded apparel and promotional products franchise, Fully Promoted features a well-structured and proven promotional marketing business model. We’re able to maintain a strong customer base in virtually any economic condition or market, thanks to our B2B model that serves mostly other businesses.

We feature two different business models: store model and office model. Our newer offering, the office model, will allow you, as a franchise owner, to run your business by yourself or with one salesperson to help you grow your business. While we recommend a salesperson to help you grow your business, you could probably do it yourself.

Additionally, as a low-to-no inventory business, you won’t have to worry about warehouses full of unused products. Since we have over a million products in our database and everything is so custom, we’re able to help our customers find exactly what they need. We order products, take care of the decorative branding enhancements, and get them to the customer.

We Have High-Profit Potential

As a franchisee, you’ll never have to ask, “Is promotional products a good business to get into?” After spending years developing our strong reputation as a one-stop shop for all of our customers’ promotional product needs, Fully Promoted lives up to the promise. This translates into high-profit potential for our franchisees.

Our extended reach allows us to avoid supply chain issues, thanks to our innovative technology and large vendor network. There’s no shortage of opportunities available, and we get the best deals with vendors and the best pricing in the industry.

By providing our franchisees with a wealth of resources, our franchisees and sales reps can act more as consultants to their customers and make recommendations for their business instead of trying to find vendors for different products and services.

Our decades of experience and the relationships that our team has built within the industry keep us ahead of the competition. We hear about new products before other people, so we can capitalize on these trends before they come out. With locations around the world, we have a great resource where we can see what’s upcoming on a local level from vendors, suppliers, and customers.

We’re Partnered with UFG

Fully Promoted is proud to be a part of United Franchise Group (UFG), The Global Leader for Entrepreneurs. UFG is a franchising powerhouse with eight brands, decades of industry experience, and expert knowledge of the franchise process.

UFG gives us access to more products and services, as well as industries in which we can be early adopters. They’ve helped us become No. 1 in apparel by not only helping us outsell our competitors but establish ourselves as a truly international organization with locations around the world.

As part of UFG, our franchise owners are able to co-brand by operating a Fully Promoted and Signarama in the same location. This is a great way to combine powers and establish further connections within the small business community. Not only can you offer more to your customers, but this can help you significantly save on costs, including the franchise fee, location costs, and marketing expenses.

Additionally, our partnership with UFG means you can build connections within the Group’s other brands. The ability to combine powers and work congruently creates vast connections to produce products for other businesses within the group while they send more customers your way. Our combined services match what the other businesses are already doing, keep a consistent product, and make operations more cost-effective.

We Have Cutting-Edge Technology

One of the greatest aspects of becoming a franchisee with Fully Promoted is that we work hard to help you stay on the cutting edge of technological innovations. This helps to ensure that you have the tools and resources to stay competitive in any economy.

We’re also innovating the way our franchisees are able to sell products with the advantages other businesses don’t have. Independent businesses would require having to spend hours looking for the right vendors and products and dealing with logistics and timing, but at Fully Promoted, we have all of the resources to save our owners time, cost, and customers.

We have supply chain innovation in the form of:

  • A vast overseas network to do large volume orders
  • An efficient logistics network to avoid getting stuck in ports and keep costs down
  • A catalog of over 2 million promotional products
  • Access to new, unique products
  • Larger reach, licensing, and preferred vendor status for premium brands

We help franchisees grow their sales with more ways to get new customers. Our franchisee sales portal provides new business referrals, in addition to taking orders from customers online. We also have lead generation software, a national advertising fund, a proprietary lead generation tool, a local- and national-branded website, national accounts, and more.

In addition to our franchisee sales portal, franchisees are able to leverage our B2B business model by serving repeat customers. With new products coming in all the time, it equips our franchisees to provide new ideas and offerings to their existing clients.

We Have a Great Mentor Program

We feature a great mentor program that franchise owners really appreciate. Franchisees can look forward to the support of local, corporate, and other field business advisors to take their business to the next level. We’ve had a great couple of years with our franchisees setting records, and this is thanks in part to our huge support network and our comprehensive training program.

With our many years of experience, we’ve been able to build a franchisee support network that truly empowers our franchise owners. Many franchisees say that the network of franchisees and level of support they receive is one of the greatest parts about being with Fully Promoted. Fully Promoted has connections with suppliers, seasoned professionals, and multiple industry veterans across the country to help assist franchisees. Combined with our range of experience across different industries, we can provide support that covers all major markets.

We Have Growth Opportunities

We’re proud to offer opportunities for our franchise owners to leverage their investment even further. Fully Promoted features co-branding, multi-unit, area developer, and master licensee options so you can provide in-demand services to a greater group of customers.

We Have Your Back

Fully Promoted is there for you every step of the way. We have better pricing, thousands of distributors, vendor pricing, more creativity, millions of products, regular support, repeat business, and diverse clients, to make it easier for owners to sell.

Businesses spend a lot of money on promotions; they want to do it with someone they know, like, and trust. Fully Promoted franchisees have the ability to provide the local connection to treat the businesses we serve as clients, not just another customer. Our owners are involved in the business and work hard to build relationships with their communities.

Curious to learn more about starting a promotional products business with Fully Promoted? Contact us today!