Fully Promoted is dedicated to providing exemplary support for franchisees. We utilize a variety of resources to get our franchisees up and running and keep our franchise owners up to date on the industry, beginning with our comprehensive, industry-leading franchise training and support. We’re there for our franchisees, so while they own their own business, they’re never alone in their franchising journey.

Top-Notch Franchise Training and Support

We see to it that our franchise owners begin their support with an intensive four-week training process and set them up for success. Fully Promoted’s training program was developed to show franchisees all aspects of the business while providing guidelines and tips.

The two phases of our training program are spread out over four weeks. The first week is an introductory training program at Fully Promoted University in West Palm Beach, Florida. Here, franchisees will learn the business, including production, advertising, marketing, bookkeeping, scheduling, and more.

After introductory training, our franchise owners will have a Fully Promoted expert provide three weeks of onsite support at their new store. Our experts will make sure that your store is set up, help with general operations, and implement our proven marketing program. We help franchise owners achieve the highest level of franchising success.

Our Support for Franchisees

Fully Promoted puts the utmost importance on supporting our franchisees in every step of their journey. We’re there for you through every phase, ensuring you’re ready to get up and running confidently.

  1. Proven model. We’ve combined our decades of experience with constant updates to make sure that you stay ahead of the competition.
  2. Startup support. The Fully Promoted team of experts will assist you with the startup process to prepare you for success; we’ll help with demographic studies, site selection, lease negotiations, store design and build-outs, and more.
  3. Training. Our training program is designed to show you all of our proven systems and processes for franchising success over the course of four weeks. This time period includes one week at Fully Promoted University and three weeks of onsite training at your new store.
  4. UFG advantages. Our parent company, United Franchise Group (UFG), provides eCommerce solutions, brand marketing funds, co-branding opportunities, a team of advisors, purchasing power, a supplier network, industry-leading technology, research and development, brand equity, a B2B model, the UFG network, a proven track record of success, thousands of products and services, and to top it off — 20 years of experience.
  5. Ongoing support. We’re there for you for the life of your business. Once you’re up and running, you can count on Fully Promoted to continue their ongoing support with an in-depth review and analysis of your store’s financial performance, actionable recommendations, supplier and vendor support, ongoing marketing support, regional meetings and training sessions, franchise owner conventions, a toll-free number and online support, a regional support staff, and technical assistance.

While you may be in business for yourself, you’re never by yourself with Fully Promoted.

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