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Scott Foresta has been self-employed for the past twenty years, starting his first company at age twenty-three in the landscaping industry. After ten years, he decided that he wanted to do something more. When he learned of the opportunity to partner with a Fully Promoted franchise, he didn’t hesitate.

The Fully Promoted custom embroidery franchise found him when his parents asked him and his wife to be partners. He loved the idea of being able to work with his parents, and he took advantage of the opportunity. He learned a lot about the advertising specialties industry and met a lot of fascinating people along the way.

A Great Opportunity to Build Relationships

According to Scott, one of the best parts of his job is helping people. Knowing that someone is going to call him tomorrow because of their past experience with Fully Promoted has built a relationship that his competitors can’t break. When his custom embroidery franchise can build great relationships with customers, it can be very valuable because not only does it build up trust with the company, but it also brings that customer in again and again to give patronage to the business.

The riskiest thing Scott Foresta had ever done is doing nothing. He gets mad at himself when looking back to find his laziness and procrastination keeping him from furthering himself in life. Hard work pays off. Talk to any successful person and ask them what they did to get where they are. He has a feeling that lack of planning, sitting on the sofa, or sleeping in late won’t make it on the list. To create a flourishing business, being proactive will be a great indicator in order to get there. A thriving custom embroidery franchise doesn’t just get that way overnight. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

A Few Tidbits about Scott

When asked what he’d do if he won the lottery tomorrow, he answered that he’d continue to work at his Fully Promoted, which shows just how much dedication and drive Scott has. He said that there will be plenty of vacations, but everyone should be productive and contribute to the community they live in, no matter their status in society.

If he could have any car, he said that he’d be plenty happy with a new pickup truck. Of course, a Ferrari would be nice, but a car like that wouldn’t get his boat to the water or even take his family camping. He can do a lot more living in a truck versus a sports car.

To turn around a lousy day, he makes sure to focus on what he’s accomplished in life. His biggest success lies in his children. He doesn’t have to look far to discover someone having a worse day in him, so he tells himself to quit feeling sorry for himself and to suck it up to get on with life.

Building a Business

The best advice he’s received is, “Your business is either growing or getting smaller.” When it comes to a custom embroidery franchise like Fully Promoted, he makes sure to use that advice to his advantage and puts all his efforts into making his franchise grow rather than recede.

Is investing in a Fully Promoted franchise a good idea? As a $50 billion industry, Fully Promoted only continues to grow, and like Scott, you can invest in a franchise to take advantage of this incredible growth. To get more information about becoming a franchisee of Fully Promoted, request more information to get started on becoming a part of this custom embroidery franchise.

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