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Amanda Hodges has spent more than a decade working in the advertising and marketing industry for one of the world’s largest advertising agencies. Though even after all that time, she feels ready to move from Denver, Colorado back to her hometown area of Greensboro, North Carolina to pursue her dreams of furthering her business career with great franchising opportunities.

Entrepreneurship grows in the family, so Hodges said she always wanted to own her own business like her two brothers that own companies as well in the Greensboro area. She managed to make this dream a reality by purchasing a combined Fully Promoted & Signarama location in Greensboro, North Carolina located on Wendover Avenue.

A Proven Business Model to Make for a Thriving Business

Opening in a new location by purchasing an existing Fully Promoted/Signarama franchise location was a smart business move because not only was Hodges able to skip the usual pitfalls, but she was able to get started living her dream with these franchising opportunities right off the bat. Now she’s “looking forward to solidifying our niche in the local marketplace and becoming the leader in providing signs and customized branded items to both large and small businesses as well as individuals.”

Both Fully Promoted and Signarama are leaders in their industries which makes it so this has been a great opportunity for Hodges. With a proven business model already put in place with these franchising opportunities, as a franchisee, she was able to start reaping the benefits from that model immediately.

Positive Feedback from Following Her Dreams

The feedback that Hodges has received from the community has been very positive so far. According to Hodges, “As a woman business owner, I am positioned well to compete in the market. There are lots of small mom and pop sign and embroidery shops in the area. However, with the strength of the organization behind me, our operation is well positioned to gain market share quickly while delivering very competitive pricing to the community.”

At United Franchise Group, the corporate behind both Fully Promoted and Signararma, we provide a strong support network to each of our franchisees which sets their franchise up to hit the ground running as soon as the location opens up. Not only do we provide all the training necessary for our franchisees, but our proven business model puts these brands on top in the industry, giving them an immediate edge.

A Chance to Get Involved in the Community

When opening a franchise with either Fully Promoted or Signarama, a franchisee gets the opportunity to get involved in the community. For Hodges, she was already active in the community. She currently volunteers at the Veterans Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina at Ruffin Stacey Baptist Church. She is also a member of the Gulford Merchants Association. Franchising with our United Franchise Group Brands will give her even more chances to get involved in the community with these exciting franchise opportunities.

Hodges also plans to leverage her own experience in advertising and marketing to help grow her new company. “Both of these concepts fit perfectly with my existing experience,” said Hodges. “I am very excited to be a part of the local community and help small businesses here grow to their full potential through consulting with them in customized branding programs.”

Is franchising a good idea? Most definitely! The great thing about franchising is that you get to be a part of an already existing business. To learn more about how you too can take advantage of our incredible business model and get involved in the community, contact us today.

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