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Businesses now more than ever are investing more money into the promotional materials industry to help market their business. Companies like Fully Promoted are taking advantage of this growing industry by attracting entrepreneurs who are looking for a business that has high demand. Here are three reasons why Fully Promoted is a great opportunity for an entrepreneur to start your own screen printing business.

High Demand

Every business needs promotional products to help with outbound marketing and attract customers to their store. By creating a recognizable brand name, Fully Promoted has cornered the market for promotional materials with franchise opportunities. This enables entrepreneurs to invest in the industry without the uncertainty and hardships of starting their own business.

Because there is such a high demand across the country and even worldwide, Fully Promoted has created target markets for franchisees to help determine where a good place to open a franchise is.

Affordable Costs

A Fully Promoted franchise comes with a lot of benefits for an affordable investment. Fully Promoted offers a turnkey investment, which means it is adjustable for your needs so you do not pay more than you have to. In addition, with the investment you get to use our brand name and turnkey business model as well. Our turnkey business model is individualized for your store as a solo franchise but also as part of a larger team.

Training and Support

Prior to any entrepreneur even setting foot in their Fully Promoted, they must complete a two-week training program at the Fully Promoted headquarters in Florida. Following the initial two weeks of learning the promotional materials industry and trends, there is an additional three weeks of hands-on training that takes place inside a real Fully Promoted location. This is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of what it entails to own your own Fully Promoted.

Following the training, we will still never leave your side. We have 24/7 support for our franchisees to answer any questions and help them through the twists and turns of the promotional products industry.

In addition to support after the investment, we offer support prior to the investment as well to ease your mind and answer questions about franchising with Fully Promoted. Check out our resource library that contains several free downloadables that can help you understand the growing promotional product industry as well as information about Fully Promoted.