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Why invest in a franchise in New York?

New York City has been lauded as the capital of the world. It’s one of the biggest cities in the United States and is an economic and cultural leader in all aspects. That’s why Fully Promoted wants someone ambitious and driven to open the newest franchise in New York. At Fully Promoted, our franchise owners’ success is our success, and we have found that New York City’s five boroughs offer all the ingredients for a thriving business. A New York franchise owner can enjoy one of the strongest economies in the nation, and perhaps the world. In addition, New York’s Small Business Development Center is renowned for the resources it offers small business owners, including those who own a franchise in New York. Keep reading to learn more about why New York is the ideal place to start a franchise.
New York City, New York

Top Performing Economy

New York’s economy is dynamic and diverse, helping to keep it afloat even in times of recession. Forbes found the city to be #55 on its list of the top two-hundred cities for job growth, a distinction that is punctuated by the city’s high income per capita and low unemployment rate. One distinct advantage of New York City is that the five boroughs, while sharing many similarities, are quite diverse. The labor force available is an advantage to a New York franchise owner, as there are simply so many people in the city with so many skills. Between the diversity of the five boroughs and the strength of the economy as a whole, a franchise in New York can expect to benefit in this vibrant city.

Assistance for Business Owners

Small business owners are essential for the success of the economy, which is why New York puts a heavy focus on helping small businesses open, own, and operate in the city. There are multiple organizations dedicated to offering resources and assistance to small businesses, most notable is the Small Business Development Center, or SBDC. The SBDC can provide a New York franchise owner with assistance in various areas, including counseling, business planning, discovering funding, licensing and regulations, e-commerce, and more. The SBDC boasts that it has helped over 15,000 small businesses invest $166 million since its inception in 1986. In addition, the services provided by the SBDC are free of charge, thanks to funding from both public and private avenues. A New York franchise owner can learn a lot about running a successful business from the people at the SBDC.

There’s so much to say about New York that we could go on for pages and pages more. The vast tourism industry, the financial capital, the amazing museums, exhibits, performances, restaurants, shopping… the list goes on. At Fully Promoted, we are proud to be the frontrunner in our industry, which is why we want to open a franchise in the city that sets the trends for the rest of the world. Franchising in New York is a no brainer, with its stellar economy and amazing business resources. If you are ready to own your own business, click this LINK to find out how to get started on your New York City franchise!