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Franchise Opportunity in Los Angeles, California


Why Invest in a Los Angeles Franchise?

Are you looking for an investment opportunity that will give you the freedom of being your own boss mixed with the security of a proven business model? Do you want to own your own business without all the guesswork of starting from scratch? Fully Promoted is the perfect investment for you, and you’re in luck! We are seeking someone to help us expand our business by opening a Fully Promoted franchise in Los Angeles, California! Opening a franchise in Los Angeles is a smart business move because the city has a strong and diverse economy and various resources to help your business get started and continue to thrive. Keep reading for more details about what this vibrant city can offer your franchise.
Los Angeles, California

Thriving Local Economy

California is one of the most economically important states in the country, with its $2.3 trillion economy making up 13% of the national economy. Los Angeles plays a key part in keeping California’s economy strong, especially with its strength as the so-called “entertainment capital of the world.” Los Angeles is where the majority of movies, TV shows, video games, and music are recorded and produced, and as such, entertainment, culture, and media are three of the main industries in the city. Estimates suggest that one in every six residents in Los Angeles work in entertainment in come capacity. The economy is not a one trick pony, however; Los Angeles is also a center for world business, international trade, education, and technology. Your Los Angeles franchise will benefit from this diverse and strong economy because it’s more resistant to economic downturn and more easily recovers from such downturn.

Resources for Business Owners

When you open a franchise in Los Angeles, you will not be without assistance. Not only do we take pride in the level of training and support that we offer our Fully Promoted franchise owners, but the city of Los Angeles is dedicated to small business success, too. The city’s website has a section dedicated to small business services such as a directory of organizations that offer support to business owners fitting various criteria. A franchise in Los Angeles can take advantage of a myriad of tax breaks and incentives that the city has put forth in an effort to encourage small businesses to open, relocate, or expand there. One such incentive is called the “New Business Tax Holiday,” which exempts new businesses from paying the city business taxes during the first three years that they are open. The city website has an entire section dedicated to tax incentives, so your Los Angeles franchise will surely be able to take advantage of some of them.

With everything this city has to offer, the decision to open a Fully Promoted franchise in Los Angeles is an easy one. The strong and diverse economy will aid your Los Angeles franchise on the path to profit, and the various business resources are an invaluable asset to any business owner. If you’re ready to become your own boss, click this LINK to learn the next step in opening your Fully Promoted franchise in Los Angeles.