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Emma and Luis Rivera

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Emma and Luis Rivera were stuck.

With more than two decades of experience in corporate America, the changes they saw in the way business was done struck them in a bad way. Luis, who has been in sales and sales training and management since 1994, with the help of Emma and their family, left the world of being an employee behind and opened their own Fully Promoted franchise in October, 2016.

“We wanted to build a company that would feed our values, not make us hide them,” Luis said. “Our company is family owned, faith based, and driven by common sense and commitment to community and each other.”

In the intervening months and years, the Riveras have grown their franchise and have felt the rewards. Beyond just the financial aspect of owning their own business, Luis and Emma said that running and operating a business has changed their worldview when it comes to the corporate world.

Emma and Luis Rivera

Gone are the days of reacting to the whims of those above them, and in its place is a proactive mindset that keeps their business thriving.

“Owning a business really tests all your theories, ideas and core beliefs,” Luis said “As an employee, you always wonder what could be better, and many times, what it takes to improve, streamline and be more customer focused? When you own the business, you immediately make the changes needed to improve the experience and process for the consumer and the staff. As an owner I get to be an integral part of the successes and failures, so I see the entire picture and can really implement solutions.”

With so much experience in sales even before purchasing his own Fully Promoted franchise, Luis has been able to utilize his previous business relationships to help grow his company.

“Since I had the relationships with fellow businesses and agencies for over 15 years, our business has focused on mid-sized companies that are in growth mode or looking to recapture the market. We implemented ‘First Time Right’ and this ensures on-time delivery or the item is discounted or free of charge. This demonstrates to our customers that we will stand behind what we promise and be accountable if something goes wrong.”

Along with his old relationships, Luis has grown and developed meaningful relationships with Fully Promoted and his other franchisees. His relationship with the brand continues to grow as his business does.

“I feel I have a fantastic relationship with the franchisor, its employees and my fellow franchisees,” Luis said. “I believe in the space that Fully Promoted occupies and the need for it to evolve into more products that assist our fellow small business owners in branding, growing, and surviving the big-box competition.”

His relationship with Fully Promoted is great, and his relationship with United Franchise Group is fantastic as well. UFG has provided aid and support throughout the Riveras’ franchising process.

“UFG provided the framework and the expertise to assist my wife and I as we formed our business,” Luis said. “Its experience and legacy in the space helps us have instant credibility with our vendors and customers.”


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