Every Business Needs Promotional Merchandise

What is it that makes a Fully Promoted franchise such a profitable investment? For one thing, the promotional products industry is experiencing constant growth. For another, the promotional merchandise and marketing services we sell is valuable to businesses in essentially every industry. Indeed, we serve businesses in virtually every industry, giving our franchisees the opportunity to work with all the businesses and organizations – small, medium, and large – in their communities.

The following are just a sampling of the industries we serve.


The medical field is highly competitive, and the promotional products industry can capitalize on that. A hospital wants embroidered scrubs for all the orderlies, a medical sales company leaves their calling card with a nice notepad and pen, a nurses union treats the nurses to a beautiful sweater or tote bag. All of these products create a coherent sense of brand identity – yes, even hospitals need those – while advertising at the same time.


Professional industries like law offices, accountants, and more use our products to create corporate identity, advertise their services, and generally use as swag for employees and customers alike. Everything from lanyards to notepads to coffee mugs create a unified look that these offices need. All this is in addition to marketing services like SEO, lead generation, and flyers advertising the work they do.


Even non-profits need to market themselves to raise money and awareness for their causes. Flyers and emails promoting events or soliciting donations are helpful for these organizations. In addition, things like volunteer t-shirts or small branded items can be sources of funding that spark interest in their cause. A good website is essential for a non-profit to succeed, so other services like site recommendations to increase rankings are very helpful.


Hotels, restaurants, and attractions can establish their presence through smart use of promotional merchandise. Employee uniforms are a given in this industry, but we can also create unique mailers with special coupons and offers to attract guests. In addition, online marketing and lead generation are important for these industries.


Schools and educational institutions seem like unlikely clients, but this industry uses promotional merchandise and marketing services as much as any other. School t-shirts and sweatshirts show school pride, individual clubs use products as incentives to join, and organizations within schools may have trophies and awards needs year-round. These are just some of the ways that schools at any level – public or private, preschool or university – may use Fully Promoted’s products.

Become a Fully Promoted Franchisee

When you join the Fully Promoted franchise family, you will be able to capitalize on our outstanding reputation for quality products and serve all of these industries and more! The work that you do in the promotional products industry is truly universal, so there will be no shortage of client opportunities.

And the best part is we train you on everything you need to know to offer each of these services confidently. We have your back, whether you are printing notepads for a law office or reviewing the SEO strategy of a charter school. Rely on us to help you navigate your business, and you will find success.

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