Our Ideal Franchisee Candidate


Do You Have What It Takes to Own a Fully Promoted Franchise?

In our years in franchising, we have worked to create a franchise opportunity that fits a variety of people with diverse backgrounds and skillsets. We offer world-class training and support to franchisees to help them open and operate their businesses, as well as industry-leading products and processes to keep customers coming back.
A question we often hear is, “Do I make a good candidate for franchising?” There is not a short answer to that question, so keep reading to see if you are a good fit.

What Are We Looking for in a Franchisee?

People of all backgrounds and experience levels are a great fit for Fully Promoted. Because we have been in the franchise business for so long, we have the training and support to show you how to own and operate your business easily and confidently.
At Fully Promoted, we know that there is not just one type of person who will make a great franchisee. That’s why we don’t look for candidates who fit a certain set of criteria or have worked in a specific industry. Our franchise system is made all the more successful by working with franchisees who have a variety of backgrounds and skillsets, and then our training fills in the blanks.

 Here are a few of the things we look for in a franchise prospect:

  • A positive attitude
  • An outlook toward the future
  • An excitement for our systems and processes
  • An ability to see the details and the big picture simultaneously
  • A willingness to work hard
    Do you think this sounds like you? Then you might be a good candidate for a Fully Promoted franchise!

Does Fully Promoted Fit My Interests?

Fully Promoted is a franchise in three primary industries—custom embroidery, screen printing, and digital marketing—giving our franchisees the opportunity to work in three industries and product offerings. These three sectors make up the bulk of what you will do as a Fully Promoted franchisee, and each comes with its own perks.

Custom Embroidery Franchise

If you are interested in starting an embroidery business, you’ve come to the right place. Fully Promoted started out as EmbroidMe, the business that specialized in custom embroidery for businesses, schools, non-profits, and other organizations.
As the owner of an embroidery franchise, you will be able to explore your creativity as you work in a B2B environment, making connections with clients and creating something unique and beautiful.
Learn how Fully Promoted can help you:

  • Use Your Creative Side
  • Keep from Get Stuck Behind a Desk
  • Control Your Career

Learn more about owning an embroidery business with Fully Promoted.

Screen Printing Franchise

Owning a screen printing franchise means making a lot more than T-shirts…but we have to say, we make really nice T-shirts. Fully Promoted offers screen printing services to clients in a variety of industries, helping them market their businesses. As a Fully Promoted franchisee, you will facilitate this marketing, all while you enjoy the independence and freedom that come with owning your own business.

Learn how Fully Promoted can help you:

  • Be your own boss
  • Build Strong Relationships

Invest in a Growing Business
Learn more about owning a screen printing business with Fully Promoted.

Digital Marketing Franchise

Since we opened, we have been striving to offer our clients the marketing tools that they need. We started with custom embroidery, so clients could have professional-looking uniforms, T-shirts, and other apparel. Then we got into screen printing and other promotional products, giving clients the chance to design and purchase swag that customers love. Finally, we have added digital marketing to help our clients with a complete marketing strategy.
Digital marketing is essential in our world, where the internet is the number one source of information for most consumers. Owning a digital marketing franchise means that you are working in a new and exciting industry with a lot of potential for growth.

Learn how Fully Promoted can help you:

  • Use Your Skills
  • Be the Boss
  • Learn from the Pros

Learn more about owning a digital marketing franchise with Fully Promoted.

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