Franchisee Profile

While you don’t need to have previous franchise experience to be a part of the Fully Promoted brand, you will need to meet a few requirements.

Apart from the financial requirements, we’ll screen each applicant to ensure that he or she has what it takes to successfully manage and grow the Fully Promoted brand. Keep reading to get an idea of what you’ll need to make the cut as a Fully Promoted franchisee.

Financial Requirements

As with any franchising opportunity, it’s crucial for all applicants to have the financial backing to start and maintain their franchise location(s). When opening a new franchise location, franchisees will face investment costs for equipment, the physical store location, training and resources, and staffing, among other costs. Furthermore, stable finances are needed to help support the business until it’s fully up-and-running and generating profit after the store is established and functioning smoothly.

Fully Promoted franchisees will need a liquid capital of $49,500 to get started, as well as a $50,000 net worth. The franchise fee to get started is $49,500. Franchisees can expect a total investment of roughly $135,000 to $140,000 to get their Fully Promoted store up and running. The brand also requires an ongoing 6% royalty fee. To learn more about our financial requirements, visit our investment profile page or contact us today.

Dedication and Commitment

As the saying goes, a Fully Promoted franchisee must be “in it to win it.” While we know that a Fully Promoted franchise is a wonderful opportunity for our franchisees, we can guarantee that not every day will be 100% smooth sailing. To run a successful franchise, owners will need thick skin and a positive attitude. We feel confident that our business model and plan will lead our franchisees to success. To do this, it takes commitment and hard work on a daily basis.

Business Savvy

Even if you’ve never owned a branded products or marketing services franchise – or any franchise, for that matter – business savvy in any form is part of the formula for a successful Fully Promoted franchisee. We’ll help you to develop and implement a solid plan for running your business, but the details are in your hands. Successful franchisees will need to have business instincts to know who to hire for an above-the-ordinary staff, how to keep customers happy, and how to use a touch of creativity and ingenuity when problems arise.

If you fit the bill and would like to learn more about our franchising opportunities, contact us online or call us at 888-704-1318.