Gain a Solid Client Base with a Branded Apparel Franchise


Promotional apparel, like branded T-shirts, is one of the best ways to spread the message about your business. Used the right way, these can help you position the company successfully with your target audience. Simply put the company’s name and logo on a shirt and you can increase brand awareness in no time.

When businesses invest in this form of marketing, who can address the need?

You can be that go-to business.

IBISWorld projects the promotional products industry has about $23 billion in revenues today. If you invest in Fully Promoted’s branded apparel franchise, you will gain access to this huge and promising business opportunity.

Businesses Benefit from Promotional Clothing

Why do businesses produce promotional clothing?

There are numerous ways promotional apparel and branded T-shirts benefit a brand’s current marketing strategy.

During official events and occasions, promotional apparel presents the company image to potential clients and partners. These also serve as ideal giveaways. Instead of giving them traditional pens and mugs, they represent your business by their shirts. Visitors to such events will also get to know the brand, making the shirt a perfect conversation starter.

Employees and the business’ staff also benefit from promotional apparel. Gifting the team with such items gives each employee a sense of pride and belonging, which may encourage them to talk more about their company.

For these events, brands will partner with a business who can meet the demand and requirements. That is where you can step in: by venturing into the world of branded apparel franchises.

What We Can Do

All types of businesses can benefit from imprinting their brands on clothing.

We help you reestablish your presence with your loyal clients. Your clients can also use those clothes for marketing purposes, sparking the interest and curiosity of other potential customers.

We provide educational institutions and review centers with T-shirts and sweaters that draw in students. When other students see the logo of a school or center, it can spark their interest in the same way announcements or word-of-mouth marketing do.

We provide companies with branded apparel for their corporate identity, supplying clothes with their logo to create a unified look and convey consistent messaging.

Franchising with Fully Promoted

Fully Promoted has been working with apparel since our establishment, when we were still known as EmbroidMe. We have provided custom apparel to many organizations and businesses all over the world. If you want to start a franchise in the apparel business, we are the name to trust.

Our continuous growth and experience enable us to provide a wide range of promotional products for you. It means that you will never run out of promotional items you can use to do business with your clients.

Don’t worry about not knowing how to run a business. We provide the training you need and will continue to support you without hindering your independence. You are your boss, and we like to keep it that way.

Why Work With Us?

As the world’s largest branded products franchise, we are capable of helping businesses all over the globe with their marketing strategies and promotional products. Our team attends to different needs by maintaining more than 300 resource centers throughout the United States, Australia, and Canada.

We understand that each business comes with a unique set of requirements. Our solutions are designed to meet all of our clients’ needs. Also, each Fully Promoted store is individually owned and operated by knowledgeable experts. The team’s understanding of the local community enables them to promote brand messaging effectively in that town or city.

Interested in learning more about franchising with Fully Promoted? Contact us today to speak with a representative.