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Fully Promoted is the largest branded products and marketing services franchise in the promotional products industry. We’re proud to be a business-to-business (B2B) franchise that serves as a one-stop shop for promotional products of all kinds. By offering branded apparel, promotional products, and marketing services, we’re three businesses in one. With over 300 locations across 15 countries, we have the best buying power, strong vendor relationships, and a great community of franchise investment owners.

The promotional products industry in the US is valued at over $17.8B and is projected to continue to increase as budgets normalize post-pandemic. Since the industry is so large, there are plenty of opportunities for newcomers to thrive. Who better to join forces with than Entrepreneur magazine’s 2021 choice for Best of the Best Ranking – #1 in Category?

As a family-owned business, Fully Promoted is focused on our franchisees. We feature a great mentor program and a huge support system to provide valuable resources to our owners. We set them up for success with our franchisee sales portal, United Franchise Group (UFG) industry advantages, and a proven business model. Our franchise owners are able to serve many industries with cost-effective and reliable products, thanks to our purchasing power and supplier network.

If you’re looking to break into the booming promotional products industry, consider Fully Promoted as a leading franchise to invest in.

Where Did Our Franchise Business Get Its Start?

Who we were, are, will be (history, mission)

Fully Promoted was first established in 2000, under the name EmbroidMe. Founded by Roy and Ray Titus, our humble family-owned business beginnings have grown into the world’s largest branded products and marketing services franchise. We now have more than 300 stores in 15 countries worldwide.

Although our name has changed, what hasn’t is our ability to provide other businesses with the solutions they need to take their business to the next level. We’re a one-stop shop with a strong customer base in virtually any economic condition. We’re proud to be a part of United Franchise Group (UFG) and part of the Titus family legacy.

Fully Promoted is consistently acknowledged as a top franchise for investors. We’re honored to have been named in Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500, Entrepreneur magazine’s 2021 Best of the Best Ranking – #1 in Category, and Advertising Specialty Institute’s Top 40 (#20) Distributors in the Commercial Industry, as well as recognized by the International Franchise Association, Global Franchise Group, Military Times, and more.

Our success has been driven by our distinction as a family-owned business and dedication to our franchisees. We take the time and effort to provide as many resources as possible to ensure our franchisees have all the tools they need to succeed. Fully Promoted’s mission statement echoes the sentiments of UFG: We have one customer: our franchisee. When they are successful, we are successful.

When we encourage our franchisees to be successful, we’re also driven to support the communities they serve. Fully Promoted is proud to offer community involvement and support to the areas in which our stores are located. We make an impact through Fully Promoted Cares and by supporting Veterans, students, and a large range of non-profit organizations, including The Titus Center for Franchising at Palm Beach Atlantic University, VetFran, local charities, and UFG Cares.

How Do We Help Clients in an In-Demand Industry?

Industry overview (what we do and where we fit)

Fully Promoted is all about helping clients in an in-demand industry. As part of the booming $17B promotional products industry, we stand out by being a truly one-stop shop for our customers’ branding and marketing solutions. We help save them time and money by allowing them to fulfill all of their business needs in one place while building a relationship so they know they can come to us for any products they need.

We’ve worked hard to become No. 1 for apparel and promotional products. We lead the industry by being proactive instead of reactive. Our tight-knit group of franchisees works together to ensure they’re able to fulfill and deliver orders on time and within customers’ expectations.

With two business models, Fully Promoted can offer more options to franchisees than ever before. Either way, we’ve built many industry-leading advantages into our business models to ensure your business remains recession-resistant.

Fully Promoted serves clients across a wide range of industries. The possibilities are endless since our customers are professional, local business owners. We’re able to offer them thousands of high-quality products and complete marketing solutions to build their customer base. Our stores tailor their products and services to offer the best options for their specific local market. Our customers appreciate this, as not only are we the only company to provide a complete solution but we also stay on the cutting edge of the industry with the newest and latest products.

What Does Our Investment Look Like?

Dollars and sense (Franchise 101, FDD, etc.)

Fully Promoted franchises are a good investment choice to bring a complete marketing solution to businesses in your area. Our turnkey investment makes ownership easy!

We’ve designed our investment to include everything you need to get started and beyond. We’ll help you get started quickly and on the right track and provide you with the resources you need to keep your momentum going.

While many factors are considered when determining the total investment, here’s an idea of what our investment profile looks like:

  • Franchise fee: $49,500
  • Cash available: $39,500
  • Investment low: $60,000
  • Investment high: $185,000

When you reach out to us, Fully Promoted will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate based on your specific situation.

With your investment, you’ll receive virtually everything you need, including all equipment, hardware, software, fixtures and furnishings, access to our brand name, systems and processes, and our proven business-to-business (B2B) model. You’ll also receive extensive training and ongoing support, as well as technical and real estate assistance, supplier and vendor support, and so much more.

As part of your investment, you’ll also benefit from major industry advantages through our partnership with franchising powerhouse United Franchise Group (UFG). UFG provides decades of experience in the form of eCommerce solutions, brand marketing funds, purchasing power and a robust supplier network, industry-leading technology, and more.

We go above and beyond to ensure our franchisees are able to start their dream business without destroying their finances. We can help with financing through the assistance of several third-party vendors and the FirstREX program.

We’ve designed our franchise opportunity to work for anyone! Our franchisees come from a variety of diverse backgrounds. If you can run and manage a business, want to work with businesses in your area, and take pride in your workmanship, Fully Promoted could be a great opportunity for you.

Learn What Sets Us Apart?

Differentiators (competitive advantages)

Given that the promotional products industry is vast, there are many opportunities for new investors to join. Fully Promoted is proud to be the largest franchise in the industry and stands out from the competition. We have the best buying power, incredible brand recognition, great vendor relationships, and an inspiring community of owners.

Our franchise investment opportunity is designed to provide many unique competitive advantages that franchise owners won’t find anywhere else:

  • We’ve earned industry honors by being consistently ranked as a top franchise to own.
  • Our proven business model allows us to maintain a strong customer base in virtually any economic condition or market.
  • We have high-profit potential as a one-stop shop for all of our customers’ needs.
  • Our partnership with United Franchise Group (UFG) gives us access to more products and services, as well as industries in which we can be early adopters.
  • We have cutting-edge technology to help our franchisees stay relevant with technological innovations.
  • We feature a great mentor program that provides support and camaraderie for our franchisees.
  • We have growth opportunities, so you can take your investment even further.
  • We’re there for you every step of the way.

Our owners build local connections with the businesses in their communities. We take the time to show these businesses that they’re not just another customer. When customers choose Fully Promoted, they know all of their promotional product needs will be met by a familiar company they like and trust.

How We Are Innovating Promotional Products


Fully Promoted is full of promotional product innovation! As a family-owned business, it all comes back to having a really good team. Our team of more than 300 franchisees worldwide represents a powerful resource that, along with our hundreds of combined years of experience, allows us to learn about new innovations and capitalize on them before they become widespread. We’re able to stay on the cutting edge of the marketing industry by adding new products and services that our customers can use to attract more new customers of their own.

While we work diligently to stay innovative in the promotional products industry, we’ve actually been innovative from the start. To provide our customers with a truly one-stop shopping experience, Fully Promoted has created three businesses in one. By offering branded apparel, promotional products, and marketing services, we can ensure all of our customers’ needs are met from start to finish.

Fully Promoted provides our franchisees with the ability to offer hundreds of thousands of high-quality promotional products and expert marketing services. One of the greatest benefits of our franchise opportunity is the flexibility surrounding market-based products and services. Franchisees can adapt to their markets through their product offerings, allowing them to offer the best selection for their customers.

We offer our franchisees technological innovations to keep them ahead of the competition and further support them by providing:

  • A franchisee sales portal
  • Supply chain innovation
  • Access to a catalog of exclusive promotional products
  • An overseas network to complete large volume orders
  • An effective logistics network
  • Preferred vendor status
  • Exclusive licensing rights to major labels

Fully Promoted is your best choice for benefits that other businesses can’t offer. We’re able to help a wide range of customers across a variety of industries, both internationally and domestically, without requiring franchisees to have industry experience or maintain high levels of inventory, thanks to the innovations our brand has made.

Ready to Bring Us to Your Neighborhood?

Available markets, territories

If a franchise opportunity with Fully Promoted sounds right up your alley, bring us to your neighborhood! We’re available across the US and worldwide.

Our hot markets in the US include Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oregon, Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington. Simply reach out to us, and we’ll help you determine if a Fully Promoted would work in your area.

Promotional products work in any market. With over two million products, we truly have something for everyone. Our products and services are widely used, from the local sports teams to the newest corporation in town. We make it easy for franchisees to sell our products.

Fully Promoted is a top franchisor choice in the promotional products sector: we support our franchise owners, we have better pricing, thousands of distributors, cutting-edge technology, exclusive vendors and suppliers, and more creativity. Let us help you achieve your dreams and build a business that thrives.


If you are ready to join us, please get in touch today to find out more about opening a promotional products franchise with Fully Promoted!