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Promotional products is not exactly the traditional industry to get involved in, and it can be sink or swim right from the beginning if things go awry. Here at Fully Promoted, we strive to gain momentum and profit in a world where society is captivated by everything digital with three-dimensional objects to promote businesses when  you become a promotional products distributor. An ideal promotional products distributor can be summarized into three “I”s: Innovation, Imagination, and Integration.


Digital marketing is a huge part of our world, and it allows clients access to be part of the design process and digital promotion. They are looking for something to help promote their business or event, and by helping them along the way with a digital process can be very beneficial for both of you. We added digital marketing because it eases the client’s mind about one more, and perhaps the largest, aspect of promotion.

By modernizing ourselves with bringing promotional material to the digital realm, we are providing our clients with the most up to date way of marketing their business. It is this kind of innovative thinking that is making Fully Promoted such a success.


Creativity is a crucial part of being a promotional products distributor. The customer doesn’t always have a clear idea on what he/she needs in order to properly promote their business or event. Some need help finding the right products for them, and if done successfully, both the employee and the customer walk away satisfied. We serve as a creative liaison to bring what the consumer wants into reality. Imagination is a key part to be successful in the promotional products industry.

Through Fully Promoted, promotional product distributors have the chance to access their creative and imaginative side with custom embroidery and/or screen printing. By offering a variety of services, you can appeal to clients in more ways.


Taking the innovative and imaginative thoughts and creating an ideal product(s) for the client is the utmost goal for a promotional product distributor. As the ideas form on how to produce the products, consistency and quality are imperative. Sometimes the customer or client’s idea is not always conceivable, which is why it is important to compromise the factors on what the client wants with what you can do. With Fully Promoted, products can be custom embroidered, screen printed, and digitally manifested to cover a wide variety of platforms for promotion. Offering multiple, transferable mediums and products for the promotional materials can make a huge difference in client retention.

Overall, the promotional product industry is optimal with plenty of room for growth. As a distributor, in order to see viable success, there are key components to possess. Ultimately, it comes down to a good attitude, creativity, and the willingness to learn and listen. With those three basic qualities, becoming a promotional products distributor should be easy. In addition, Fully Promoted requires a two-week training program for franchisees as well as non-stop support afterwards to make sure you have everything you need to get started in the promotional products industry. We will always be here to help you every step of the way.

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