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Those with entrepreneurial spirit and eyes and ears attentive to market trends and opportunities know how to spot a growing industry. One of these is the embroidery, or promotional products, industry—especially in the franchising space, which has outperformed the general market for years.

Promotional products are now a $20 billion industry and one of the most promising segments of the marketing industry in general. If you are looking for new franchise opportunities, investing in an embroidery franchise is an excellent way to go.

About Promotional Products

Promotional products make marketing concrete and are one of the most effective ways for any type of business to promote brand awareness. The label embroidery franchise highlights the fact that wearable products are the largest category of promotional products (making up around a third of the total), but coffee mugs, pens, pencils, mouse pads, refrigerator magnets, key chains, lanyards, and a host of other items are common as well.

When branded with a business’s name and logo and created with brand-specific color combinations, designs, images, and slogans, an ordinary product becomes promotional. Customers with branded T-shirts and caps become walking billboards, and those who drink out of branded mugs or write with a branded pen are free ads and a silent customer referral service.

Promotional products can serve other purposes as well. For example, eco-friendly or recycled products a company distributes make an important statement to environmentally conscious customers. High-quality embroidered, screen printed, or silk-screened products make a statement about the value a company puts into even its giveaway products. Awards and new client gifts can build customer loyalty, and customized promotional items can help advertise for trade shows, make conferences more memorable, and reward employees for good service.

Why Go the Franchising Route?

New franchise opportunities are among the most promising prospects in today’s business world. In addition to their lower rate of failure, better resistance to recessions, and higher growth rate, here are some of the major benefits that franchisees enjoy:

  • Turnkey. New franchise opportunities abound, and many franchises can be opened rapidly and in an organized, streamlined way simply by following the franchisor’s tested and proven startup procedures.
  • Instant customers. Franchises let you tap into an existing (and often large and loyal) customer base. You skip the building credibility stage and go straight into full gear from day one.
  • Training and support. Franchises often provide extensive startup assistance, such as with site selection and advertising, as well as ongoing support.
  • Easy expansion. Once you have learned how to open and manage one unit, you can set up others with greater ease. In fact, over 50% of franchise locations are owned by multi-unit franchisees.

Try the Fully Promoted Franchise

Of all the franchise opportunities in the embroidery/promotional products sector, none is as large, well known, and well respected as Fully Promoted. The Fully Promoted franchise is the largest franchise of its kind, and Entrepreneur magazine has consistently ranked it among top-tier franchises.

Besides offering embroidered and other promotional products of the highest caliber, Fully Promoted’s B2B strategy, simple startup process, 24/7 private online stores, and extensive franchisee training program have contributed to its rise to the top.

Begin Your Investment

One of the most exciting opportunities in franchising is in the fast-growing promotional products space, and with Fully Promoted, it is easy to get started as a promotional products franchisee.

To learn more, call Fully Promoted today at 877-959-8087 or download your free Fully Promoted Franchise brochure.

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