The promotional products industry was on a record positive run in the months leading up to the pandemic. As the coronavirus caused supply chain disruptions, it snowballed into operational chaos, mass closures, and industry-wide panic.

However, surviving and thriving in a post-pandemic world means that companies will need to continue to be more adaptable and forward looking. The industry may see changes in how businesses are run as more value is created. For example, health and safety initiatives are causing significant increases in personal protective equipment, still, as providers and the public continue to navigate practicing in person and via telemedicine.

Promotional Products Industry

The promotional products industry remains a multi-billion dollar, highly in-demand industry that can benefit any business. As part of your success story, while your increasing your potential, you’ll also be helping businesses in your community increase theirs as well.

People love free items. Promotional products are one of the most effective marketing tools available to create awareness: you can get your name out there and gain new customers.

Fully Promoted has the ability to tap into nearly any industry, as so many companies and corporations can utilize our products and services. Some of the industries we’ve worked with include hospitality, medical, education, professional services, and auto brands. Our most popular promotional products include pens, notebooks, clothes, and bags.

We’ll help you learn the industry inside and out, as well as take advantage of the growing industry’s perks. Fully Promoted offers franchise owners regular updates on the latest technology, repeat business, and a diverse client base. We provide you with everything you need to run a successful business.

Digital Marketing Franchise

We’re always looking to stay at the forefront of the marketing industry by embracing technological advancements. Our franchisees have the flexibility to adapt their products and services to their market. Based on the research specific to your market, you can see which products are the best fit for your store.

Since marketing is a fast-paced industry, it’s easy to miss the latest trend or tactic in attracting customers. In addition to market research for your products and services, Fully Promoted also keeps franchise owners up to speed with ongoing support. This support includes online and in-person training modules, regional owner meetings, a 24/7 support number, support staff, and so much more.

Event marketing is a vital element in most business promotional strategies. This in-person visibility helps brands stand out among intense industry competition and takes their game one step further. On the digital marketing side of our business, you’ll handle digital marketing, lead services, search engine optimization, event marketing, and more.

What’s Next?

While the pandemic certainly affected nearly every industry negatively, we’re there to help everyone get back up on their feet again. It’s predicted that the return of promotional products will be a big one, thanks in part to the stimulus checks and a rebounding market. Corporations have been saving money by continuing to adopt hybrid schedules, leaving them with more money to utilize promotional merchandise items.

When you franchise with Fully Promoted, we’ll help you stay on top of your marketing game; and whether it’s through promotional products or digital marketing, we can help with it all.

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