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If you’re a creative type looking to be your own boss, consider starting a screen printing business with Fully Promoted. Since 2000, we’ve made it easy for our franchisees to work with other businesses to provide them with the promotional products they need. Promotional products are a great way to advertise and expand your client base, as most people enjoy receiving promotional products. 

Brand awareness is essential for any company. Big or small, adding the company’s name and logo to a garment increases brand awareness in no time. Fully Promoted’s screen printing business opportunity can help you reach all sorts of businesses in your community. 

Businesses Benefit from Branding

Using branded apparel serves many functions. For starters, the apparel gives employees a cohesive, professional appearance, and a sense of pride and belonging. When considering potential customers, shirts and other wearable items hold more value than traditional pens or mugs. 

We’ve worked on high-quality, custom apparel for many organizations and businesses all over the world. Some of the branded items our franchisees offer include t-shirts, aprons, sweatshirts, sweaters, polos and button-ups, uniforms, and industry-specific wear (think chef’s coats). Our industry expertise, along with our continuous growth, allows us to provide our franchisees with a wide range of promotional products and revenue streams.  

As a multi-faceted franchise opportunity, a screen printing business allows you to work with: a variety of customers, the community, and product offerings. You’ll be your very own boss, build strong relationships with the community, and take advantage of a growing industry. Beyond products, we also offer our franchisees industry perks, including regular updates, repeat business, and a diverse client base.  

Reasons to Start a Screen Printing Business

If you’re interested in starting a screen printing business but aren’t sure if it’s 100% for you, check out these reasons to get started.

You Work for You

You get to enjoy being your very own boss by making decisions and being in control every day. Live the American Dream and feel rewarded in knowing that you are in charge of where your business goes. You won’t spend hours behind a desk working for someone else, and you’ll be in charge of your career. You’re never subject to layoffs or downsizing, and it’s your choice what schedule or clients you decide on.

Strong Community Ties

You also get to build strong relationships within your community with the clients you serve. Building relationships with small businesses, schools, non-profits, and more, simultaneously help your business and the economy. 

Demand and Supply

The promotional product industry is valued at $14B in the U.S., reports IBISWorld. This highly in-demand industry continues to gain traction as more people become fans of free items. We cater to almost every industry, including hospitality, medical, education, professional services, and auto brands. 

Respect for Creativity and Design

Many of our franchisees come to us wanting to use their creativity and eye for design. We can help with outstanding training and industry know-how to support them along the way. Your creativeness will help your clients promote their businesses through custom designs. 

Grow Your Skillset

Fully Promoted is more than screen printing products and services. We also offer embroidery, promotional products with logos, digital marketing solutions, and strategies for attracting customers. Our training program is one of the most thorough in the world, featuring in-class training at our headquarters and the added benefit of ongoing support. 

Curious to learn more about starting a screen printing business with Fully Promoted? Contact us today!