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If you’re thinking of starting and growing your own business and have a creative bent, you might enjoy the many opportunities found in running a screen printing business. 

Starting your own business is an integral part of the American Dream, and members of the younger generation are continuing that tradition. However, the challenges and realities of starting, managing and growing a thriving business catch many prospective entrepreneurs by surprise.

It’s not simply a matter of setting up shop to create a job; building a business involves a myriad of skills, resources, and details.

Screen Printing from Scratch or by Proven Formula?

Today, many individuals are finding that turning to a franchise opportunity is one of the best ways to avoid many mistakes and improve the prospects for long-term success.

Seven Categories of Planning to Open Your Screen Printing Business

Let’s assume you already know you want to get into the screen printing business. If you just jump into the deep end and start your business from scratch, you will find it necessary to take care of literally hundreds of details. You can break these down into seven basic categories:

  • Strategic: Defining your market, choosing your particular niche, and learning about what works and what doesn’t relative to the screen printing market
  • Corporate and Management: Deciding on your legal structure, determining who will make decisions and where to find the right advisors to launch and grow
  • Marketing: Developing logos and marketing materials, advertising, choosing what customers to target and how to reach them
  • Product: Finding the right vendors for equipment and raw materials, evaluating your competition, developing pricing plans, setting up production and inventory controls
  • Operations: Experimenting to find the best way to produce your products in the most efficient ways, managing shipping and order fulfillment, establishing policies and procedures
  • Administration: Ensuring you have the right contracts and agreements in place, hiring and training your staff, maintaining compliance with local, state and federal regulations
  • Financial: Securing funding to start your business and purchase necessary equipment and supplies, establishing proper accounting procedures, producing necessary financial reports

Of course, the above items are just a few of the many issues and details that are involved in the process of starting and managing a flourishing enterprise.

Many individuals see these as insurmountable hurdles and never pursue their dreams. Others set out on their own and spend years getting to a point of survival and profitability — or fail in the process.

Following a Proven Path

On the other hand, an increasing number of prudent entrepreneurs are enjoying the thrill of being business owners while growing as part of a peer group. The concept of franchising allows you to start a business with many of the above issues already resolved, tested and proven.

This includes suppliers you can trust, documents and policies that are field-tested, and even a known market presence.

These advantages are why there are now more than 3,000 different successful franchisors in business today. Their franchisees make up nearly a million individual businesses that employ more than 18 million people and contribute more than $2.1 trillion to our economy.

If you are itching to add “Silk-Screen Printing Business Owner” to your personal accomplishments, it is worth your time to check out the franchise opportunities that can get you into business with a proven approach.

10 Steps to Opening the Franchise of Your Dreams