The holy grail when it comes to franchises is finding a business that’s recession-proof.

Recession-proof franchises typically offer products and services that people are willing to pay for whether times are tight or booming. Think of quick-service restaurant (QSR) franchises or sign franchises.

Broad Appeal and Huge Range of Products and Services

Both QSR and sign franchises have low overhead and appeal to huge audiences. In the case of a sign and embroidery franchise like Fully Promoted, you’re appealing to traditional consumers and other businesses. Your appeal couldn’t get any broader than that!

By providing embroidery, screen printing, and promotional products that can allow businesses to increase their customer outreach, Fully Promoted franchisees offer a diverse product lineup and help other businesses thrive.

Promotional products are a $50 billion industry. Fully Promoted capitalizes on existing demand by providing resources, training, and support to its more than 300 stores around the world.

Fully Promoted is ranked in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 and also top ranked in its category among all promotional franchises.

Promotional Products Produce Results for Fully Promoted’s B2B Customers

When an individual or company is willing to buy your product no matter whether times are good or bad, you know you have a great business model. That’s the case with promotional products.

Promotional products are a wise investment for many new businesses that are trying to get the word out or existing businesses that are struggling to overtake their competition on a tight budget.

Spending more on promotional products can also make sense during a recession since businesses always need to bring in customers. In fact, businesses are often challenged to innovate and try new advertising and marketing strategies when times are tough.

Companies can get a lot of mileage out of the promotional products that they purchase from Fully Promoted. You’ll likely handle a lot of bulk orders as a Fully Promoted franchisee since a promotional product can produce, on average, six thousand ad impressions for your B2B customers.

Most of the time (53%), promotional products produce a sunnier view of the promoted company, and 89% of consumers can remember the name of the advertiser of a promotional product that they’ve received in the last 24 months.

Those are powerful numbers, and they explain why Fully Promoted is a high-profit franchise. The promotional products that you provide your customers are, in turn, increasing companies’ visibility, exposure, favorability with followers, and sales.

Diverse Revenue Streams and 24/7 Online Ordering

Offering a broad range of services in-store and online is one of the quickest ways to ensure that you’re a high-profit franchise.

By creating an intuitive online shopping experience for customers, you’re also making it simpler for your customers to pick the color, theme, and style that suits their business. When customers get what they want, you gain higher sales and more repeat customers.

As a Fully Promoted franchisee, you’ll have the opportunity to leverage all of the benefits of screen printing toward improving your B2B customers’ exposure and customer favorability.

Screen printing allows you to print on a wide variety of mediums using high-fidelity, vibrant inks that are extremely durable over the long term.

This durability means that once customers lock in their color, theme, and style preferences, you can start fulfilling bulk orders on a wide variety of products intended for indoor or outdoor use. That kind of flexibility and in-demand product is unstoppable. Learn more by visiting our website.

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