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If you’re looking to make a large, long-term investment, then you may be considering various franchise business opportunities. Franchise ownership is a great way to build a business without some of the risks involved with traditional startup investments. If you’re currently on the lookout for franchise business opportunities, then you should look into investing in a Fully Promoted franchise. The following are five ways you can benefit from owning a Fully Promoted franchise:

1. You’ll Be Doing Business in a Booming Industry

Fully Promoted is part of the promotional products industry, which, according to IBISWorld, is estimated to be at over $20 billion and rising. Fully Promoted fills a need that is common to all businesses and industries: extending a brand’s reach through promotional products, custom embroidery, and more.

2. You’ll Be Able to Sell Online

Every Fully Promoted franchisee can provide different products, making each store unique—this is one of the things that makes running a Fully Promoted franchise so flexible. Fully Promoted will help you set up an online store, which will help you reach a larger customer base. Being part of the eCommerce industry will allow your business to grow more rapidly than a brick-and-mortar location alone would. In fact, eCommerce is predicted to surpass $600 billion by 2019 in the United States alone.

3. You’ll Have the Benefit of an Established Brand

EmbroidMe has a proven track record. There are more than 300 Fully Promoted stores around the world, and Fully Promoted has garnered numerous awards over the years. For example, Fully Promoted was ranked 143rd on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 list and ranked number one in its category. Franchise Direct ranked it number 39 on its Top 100 Global Franchises list.

What is the benefit of owning a franchise with an established and reputable brand? You’ll already have name recognition and an established customer base. This makes it much easier to hit the ground running. In contrast, it can take a long time to promote brand awareness and build a brand identity for a new startup. Many startups fail to do so, which can lead to their failure.

4. You’ll Be Provided with Training

You don’t need any past business experience or education to run a Fully Promoted franchise. This is because the Fully Promoted franchise provides training to all of its franchisees. You’ll be enrolled in a two-week introductory training program at Fully Promoted University. There, you will learn about production, advertising, bookkeeping, marketing, scheduling, and more. Following the completion of the program, you’ll receive three weeks of training at your store location.

5. You’ll Have Continuous Support

With most startup companies, it’s sink or swim—and the chances of sinking are high. Businesses that are started from the ground up don’t have a proven business model to follow, and they don’t have support. They often have to rely on trial and error—and even small errors can sink a startup.

EmbroidMe provides its franchisees with support both during and after the startup phase. This includes help with choosing the best location, assistance with lease negotiations, advice concerning store layout, regional support staff, technical assistance, and much more. Whenever you have trouble making an important decision or need expert advice, you’ll have someone to turn to at your franchise.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways that you can benefit from investing in a Fully Promoted franchise. For more information about our franchise business opportunities, contact us at Fully Promoted today.

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