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If you’re tired of working for someone else and dealing with career changes that are outside of your control then there is no better time to own your own business. Starting a promotional products business on your own is a lot of work but investing in a franchise gets you all the perks of being a business owner without doing everything alone. If you are passionate about business and ready to put your skills to work then you should choose franchising. Here’s why:

A Franchise Is a Turnkey Business

Starting a promotional products business, or any business, by yourself requires a lot of work well before you can even open for business. You need to choose a brand name and logo, decide on the products and services you are going to offer, vet suppliers, test equipment, and learn everything about the industry. And all that happens before it is time to do things like find the right location and hire employees.

When you open a franchise, on the other hand, you can skip those steps because they have already been done. When you choose franchising, you get a brand that has already found the right name, products and services, suppliers, and equipment.

Even better, as a franchisee you will go through thorough training to make you an expert on everything you need to know about your brand, the industry, and running a business on your own. Which brings us to our next point…

A Franchise Comes with Resources

There is no substitute for working with a network of people who are experts in your field. A network can make all the difference when you own your own business, and a franchise comes with an experienced network built in.

Not only do you get to interact with experts—including corporate advisors who have years in the industry—but you also get the benefit of learning from your fellow franchise owners who have been in your exact position before. By forging relationships with these owners, you have an invaluable resource at your disposal whenever you have questions or new ideas.

In addition to the franchise’s network, you will also have a wealth of other resources to help you as you get started and throughout the life of your business. We already mentioned the thorough training that you will go through to learn everything you need to know. In addition, a good franchise brand will have a real estate team available to guide you through finding the right location and building out your store.

On top of that, a franchise has things like operations guidelines and best practices to keep your business running efficiently. But don’t think that means that you will lose yourself as a franchisee, because…

A Franchise Gives You Control

Plain and simple, franchise owners are business owners. As a franchisee, you will be in control of important business decisions, thereby giving you control over your career and your life. Before you choose a brand to invest in, look for one that offers franchisees the freedom to find a happy balance between work and your life. Retaining control over your business—whether it is in the products and services you offer, the employees you hire, or anything else—is essential to keeping you satisfied with your investment.

If you’re interested in starting a promotional products business, choose Fully Promoted. Not only do we give our franchisees all the tools they need to succeed, but we have a proud history of putting people in business and helping them become successful.

We are excited to expand our franchise opportunity with territories all over the country. Check us out to learn more!