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Building a good business is all about understanding your best customer, and our team at Fully Promoted has done just that. When you join our brand marketing franchise, you are given virtually everything you need to assist your clients by adhering to the pinnacle of industry standards.  Let’s take a closer look at who our clients are, what they call on Fully Promoted, and the benefits of operating under our business model.

Our B2B Business Model

For over two decades, Fully Promoted has brought exceptional branded products to a stable customer base of small and large businesses alike. Our company started off as a small family-operated business, which has helped us understand our clients’ needs and expectations. When you start a Fully Promoted franchise, we give you access to all the tools that have helped bring our customers the top branded apparel and products. 

We are also constantly updating our services, keeping up-to-date on any trends and services that work well in our market. We always strive to bring our clients high-quality products that never disappoint.  In order to set our franchisees up for success, we always keep them updated on our findings. 

Benefits of a B2B Business 

When you operate under a B2B business model, what you can look forward to most is consistency. Businesses that serve the general public might have a harder time understanding the buyer’s logic because their needs can be so fickle. When you serve businesses directly, professional relationships are formed.

 At Fully Promoted, our brand marketing franchise teams collaborate directly with our clients in order to meet their specific needs. They keep coming back to us because we provide them with a superior product that always meets their brand vision.  Unlike retail customers, our clients are also more likely to make larger purchases for their entire team — which is far more profitable than one-off transactions. Since those purchases are usually larger per client, Fully Promoted owners can focus on the needs of a far smaller customer base than the larger masses of the public.

Why Businesses Choose Fully Promoted

Our clients measure excellence in a variety of ways, that often go beyond our merchandise. Consistency, dependability, and innovation have separated Fully Promoted from the crowd. Our 20 years as a brand marketing franchise have taught us that the most important thing we can give our clients is buyer confidence. Customer care and quality services are what our partners look for and we do everything in our power to always exceed expectations. 

Customers choose Fully Promoted because of our ability to tackle projects of all shapes and sizes. Our suite of services is incredibly extensive — if our customers can imagine it, there is a good chance we can do it. We care about promoting our clients’ businesses because they have helped support our passion for so long. Fully Promoted is now a world-leading supplier in the promotional products industry, with over 300 locations in more than 11 countries to date. Our franchise owners have helped grow our brand and maintain that reputation, and in return, we provide them with top-tier support and comprehensive training to help them handle just about any obstacle. 

Are you interested in learning more about our brand marketing franchise opportunity? Feel free to reach out at any time!