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Opening an embroidery business is a great way to go into business for yourself. It’s also a tremendous opportunity for investors looking to expand their portfolios. Many people associate franchising with fast food, but the truth is there are all sorts of franchise opportunities. Fully Promoted operates in the B2B (business to business) space – our products and services are aimed at supporting other businesses rather than individual consumers. Even though we’re not as susceptible to the pitfalls of changing consumer trends, Fully Promoted works hard to keep franchisees equipped with in-demand products and services. Here, learn more about why opening an embroidery business is a smart investment. 

A Steady Industry

The $15 billion promotional products industry saw steady growth from 2011-2019. While the COVID-19 pandemic impacted our industry, it’s already on track to start growing again. That’s because our customers need our services, regardless of economic ups and downs. We help businesses to promote themselves virtually and in-person. We help clubs to announce upcoming events and school teams to fundraise. There’s no limit to the potential uses for our products!

No Experience Necessary to Open an Embroidery Business

If you don’t love crafting, don’t let that stop you from opening an embroidery business. You don’t need to understand the mechanics of embroidery, screen printing, or any other production to partner with Fully Promoted. When you become a franchisee, we’ll walk you through virtually everything you need to know about running your new business, including how to rely on our third-party partners to help fulfill orders.

We’ll also teach you the best ways to:

  • Market your business
  • Find new customers
  • Manage bookkeeping and finances

A Turnkey Model

We’ve streamlined the process of opening a new Fully Promoted franchise so much it’s virtually a turnkey operation. That means we’ve already established just about everything you’ll need to get your new business up and running. All you need to do is follow the steps through the process and master our business model. 

To develop a system like this, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing franchisees with the best support possible. They can count on us to be there for them every step of the way, helping with everything from finding the perfect location, to building it out, to growing your business alongside you.

Contact Fully Promoted today to learn more about why now is a great time to join our brand.