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A lot of people are scared away from opening their own business even if they’ve dreamed about it for a long time. The reason? They don’t have any business background, whether it’s a business degree or experience as a business owner or manager. Without this kind of experience or expertise, it would be very difficult to build a business from the ground up.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t own and run your own business—you don’t need business experience to invest in a franchise! Here at Fully Promoted, we encourage owners who lack business or franchise experience to consider investing. Why? Because we provide our owners with all of the training they need to run one of our Fully Promoted franchises effectively.

Our Training Program

If you don’t have franchise experience, you’ll have it soon enough. We provide thorough training to our owners to make sure that they are prepared for the challenges of running a franchise. All owners go through a five-week training course that consists of two sections: a two-week program at our Fully Promoted University and three weeks of training at their store location to get the franchise experience they need.

  • Two-week training program: Our Fully Promoted University is located at our headquarters in West Palm Beach. We will cover the travel and lodging expenses of our new owners as they attend the two-week course, which will teach them everything they need to know about production, advertising, scheduling, marketing, bookkeeping, and more.
  • On-site training: Our operations and marketing experts will provide professional guidance in setting up your store and implementing our marketing program as you receive three weeks of on-site training at your store location.

Continuing Support for Franchise Experience

Our five-week training program provides owners with plenty of franchise experience to prepare them for opening and running their franchise location, but we understand that it’s no substitute for years of hands-on experience. You’re going to face a few challenges as you run your first franchise, which is why we provide full support during the opening of the store and throughout the course of your ownership.

  • Franchise startup support: We will help you choose a location using demographic studies, negotiate the lease, and provide build-out assistance. We will also provide an in-depth review and analysis of the financial performance of your store while offering recommendations to help you run your store as effectively as possible.
  • Ongoing franchise support: Once you’ve made it past the initial stages of opening your franchise location, we will provide ongoing support in the form of regional meetings and training sessions, regional support staff, technical assistance, online support, and access to regular franchise owner conventions where you can meet and share advice with fellow franchise owners.

Having some franchise experience or education in business or management can be helpful, but it’s not necessary here at Fully Promoted. We provide extensive training and support so that you won’t feel lost without franchise experience. In fact, a lack of business or franchise experience can be a good thing, since every franchise runs differently. This means you’ll be working with a blank slate and won’t have any bad habits to break.

If you are interested in investing in one of our franchises or would like more information about our training and support programs, be sure to contact us at Fully Promoted today.