You might have heard that EmbroidMe is now Fully Promoted, and we are well on our way to being the top branded products and marketing services franchise in the nation! This transition means a lot of changes in our business, but there are some things that never change: franchisee support.

At Fully Promoted, we remain dedicated to working for YOU, the franchisee, every step of the way. From your initial training to your grand opening to ongoing support, we never stop helping you take care of business.

A Dedicated Team

It is no secret that the team can make or break any project—whether the project is as small as painting your living room or as big as investing in a franchise. The Fully Promoted franchise development team is made up of some of the biggest names in franchising, including Ray Titus, CEO of United Franchise Group.

Combined, our team has decades of experience franchising, marketing, leading teams, selling products, and so much more. Their expertise sets us apart in the industry.

A Proven Brand

Even though we have recently transitioned from EmbroidMe to Fully Promoted, we have proven that our brand has staying power. We have consistently been ranked among Entrepreneur’s best franchises to own, even ranking #1 in our category in 2015.

Even better, we have nearly 300 stores open, so customers are more likely to recognize our brand and the quality products we create. As we continue to grow as Fully Promoted, and our marketing services show results for the clients we work with, our brand name and image can only improve.

A Thorough Training Program

Without adequate training, how can you be expected to operate your Fully Promoted franchise? That’s why we have worked with our expert teams to create a training experience that sets you up to run your business with confidence.

Our training program starts with an intensive, two-week program at Fully Promoted University at our headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. During this initial training, you will meet the team, build relationships with other franchisees, and learn the ropes of our industry and the ins and outs of Fully Promoted.

Next, as you prepare for your grand opening, you will have three weeks of on-location training, during which time an expert trainer from our home office will assist you in the day-to-day aspects of owning your business, including our specially created marketing strategies.

An Industry-Leading Support System

Some franchise brands train you, help you open your store, and then send you off on your own to figure things out going forward. If these companies only knew how much they were hurting themselves as much as their franchisees, they would stop doing that and start supporting their franchisees for the life of their businesses.

At Fully Promoted, we take pride in each franchise location, so we don’t leave them high and dry once the grand opening is over. Instead, our amazing team is just a phone call away whenever you need an answer to a question or a solution to a problem.

In addition, our support includes:

  • Regional meetings
  • Ongoing training sessions
  • Franchisee conventions
  • Updates on industry developments
  • Company-wide changes (like a name change!)

Even as we undergo a brand makeover with our new name and new services, we are still a quality franchise opportunity at our core. Our team, brand, training, and support are second to none in the industry, making this franchise opportunity one worth investing in.

Learn more about Fully Promoted or contact us to get started on the franchise process!