As a veteran of the challenging oil and gas industry, Edgar Gomez has deftly handled every situation thrown in his direction. With more than 20 years of experience, he knows all the ins and outs and now he’s using those skills in an entirely new endeavor.

On Nov. 1, Edgar Gomez opened the doors to Fully Promoted at 6420 FM 1463 in Katy. Fully Promoted is the world’s largest diversified promotional products franchise that offers local, in-house promotional product customization, embroidery and screen-printing services.

“During the years that I have worked in the oil and gas industry, I have had a great deal of success in many challenging situations, so I feel I am definitely prepared to be a small-business owner,” Gomez said. “Whether it’s managing personnel or working under pressure to serve a client, I’m looking forward to building a successful business.”

Rated by Entrepreneur Magazine as the No. 1 embroidery franchise, Fully Promoted added 30 new franchises in 2015 and is looking to increase that number to 70 by the end of 2016, including 20 international master license partners. Domestic growth will be focused in the Pacific Northwest, northern California, the Northeast and Midwest. International markets to be targeted include India, Europe and South Africa.

The 50-year-old Gomez estimated he has invested approximately $60,000 thus far to launch operations with Fully Promoted, whose B2B business model affords owners the opportunity to develop repeat business relationships with volume-based clients while selling a product with high perceived value.

Gomez, who is keeping his current job in the oil and gas industry for the time being, has hired an expert team that understands the local Katy community and how to brand a customer’s message for maximum impact.

“Even though I’m only 50, I believe Fully Promoted is going to be a great opportunity that will provide a good foundation for my eventual retirement,” Gomez said. “EmbroidMe serves a tremendous niche for companies and individuals looking to deliver an impactful message. I really have been looking forward to getting things started.”

Locally, Edgar Gomez can be reached at Fully Promoted at 281-232-7577 or [email protected]

About Fully Promoted

EmbroidMe has 220 Resource Centers throughout the United States and Canada and more than 300 Resource Centers in 12 other countries. Fully Promoted plans to open 70 new resource centers throughout the country by the end of the year, reaching 500 locations worldwide by the end of 2018. For more information go to