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Armed with an Entrepreneurial Spirit, New Store Owner Calls Upon His Small Business Experiences

In a world where people wear sentiments, life philosophies and more on shirts, jackets, bags and caps; garment printing is an ever growing industry and the Greater Nashville area promotional products markets for customized apparel will soon gain dynamic options as a Fully Promoted print shop, opens at 5311 Mr. View Road on September 16th.

The new store comes as a result of the experiences of Antoine Buchanan, a 44- year -old Antioch High School Career Technical Education Teacher and coach. The ambitious Buchanan is steeped in experiences of a small business operator, having run two in-home businesses aside from his education experiences. He still operates his travel service business from home but he also ran a home embroidery business, which led him to this store opening.

“My home embroidery and transfer business opened my eyes to the markets that exist for garment printing. I will now expand on everything I have learned while providing that service. With substantially upgraded technology and the entire Fully Promoted system, all the hurdles of running a home business will be eliminated and I can take that business to a whole new level,” Buchanan says.

But Buchanan was also driven to this decision by personal tragedy. He is building a family business in opening his store. “After my wife passed away of cancer in 2015 I wanted to create some investment opportunities and future landscapes for my 14 -year -old son, Carson, and eleven -year- old daughter, Parker.”

“Fully Promoted has a great brand and that’s the name of the game,” says Buchanan. The store will serve much of the greater Middle Tennessee markets, including Nashville and surrounding counties; and will offer a wide range of garment print services from screen printing to dye sublimation and vinyl application and more.

“Marketing, Promotions, and coaching has become a part of his life experiences,” said Buchanan. “Creating relationships with coaches and administrators where he frequently has the opportunity to work with teams and school organizations with their marketing and apparel needs.”

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