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A fact that will never change is that businesses will always rely on the promotional products industry. This industry is continuing to grow as more and more businesses and industries choose to invest in promotional materials to help spread the word about them to potential customers. As this industry continues to grow, more opportunities begin to open up for franchise success. Here are four reasons why now is the time to invest in the promotional products industry.

Promotional Products Never Go Out of Style

According to the Small Business Administration, there are at least 28 million businesses in the United States alone, and a large fraction of them promote themselves in some way, probably by using promotional materials. This is an effective way of marketing to people who may not have considered the particular business otherwise.

It is estimated that customers keep promotional items for years after they have received them, which means not only the business’ brand is circulating the public sector, but the promotional material provider’s brand is circulating as well. This is why franchises like Fully Promoted are doing well. More businesses trust a preexisting brand like ours for our promotional materials because we have a good reputation of our franchises producing quality products and service.

Franchise Opportunities Have Cornered the Market

In the promotional products industry, there are pros and cons to opening your own business vs. investing in a franchise. Franchises often have more of an advantage due to brand recognition and established clientele. Businesses tend to turn to promotional product franchises like Fully Promoted because they know we can be trusted.

In addition, Fully Promoted, as well as other brands, have established target markets that will make franchisee success far more likely. Franchises have researched and developed tools for franchisees that they wouldn’t typically get with their own business.

There Is Training and Support

The promotional products industry shouldn’t scare people away from investing. In such a booming industry, it can be overwhelming to learn the facts and figures. Luckily, Fully Promoted offers hands-on training and support for our franchisees so they have no concerns when entering the promotional products industry. Not only is there a two-week training program at the Fully Promoted headquarters in Florida, there is also on-site training at a preexisting Fully Promoted. This means franchisees receive intensive training about the facts and figures of the promotional products industry, but they also get a firsthand look in a franchise as well. We help guide our franchisees in any way we can.

The Investment Won’t Break the Bank

One of the biggest deciding factors about entering into the promotional products industry is the investment. With franchises like Fully Promoted, the investment isn’t as hefty as you think. Fully Promoted keeps the investment subjacent to the quality of the brand name, giving franchisees a greater opportunity to invest.

In addition, Fully Promoted has a whole library with information about the industry and franchising to help any potential franchisee make the final decision to get involved in the promotional products industry. If you have any questions about the industry or Fully Promoted, contact us today!