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As the owner of a small promotional products or marketing business considering converting to a franchise, you surely have a lot on your mind. The biggest question you probably have is whether you should onvert your small business to Fully Promoted.

The short answer? Yes!

Converting your business into a Fully Promoted franchise doesn’t have to be a complicated topic. We have already answered some of the frequently asked questions about conversions and written about some of the benefits of converting your business. But what does Fully Promoted offer an independent business?

These are the 4 biggest reasons to join the Fully Promoted franchise family.

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Decades of Experience

Since 2000, Fully Promoted has been leading the industry. In less than 20 years we have gone from a small, family-owned embroidery business to the largest promotional products and marketing services franchise in the world. We are proud to support more than 300 franchises and their owners across more than 11 countries.

Our vast experience is a boon for our franchise owners, who get to benefit from everything we have learned in the last two decades. Our proven model and outstanding support for our franchisees has earned us the #1 spot in our category on Entrepreneur’s list of the top franchises.

Competitive Edge

As you’re considering whether you should convert your small business, take a moment to think of the competitive edge you’ll get when you join an international franchise network like Fully Promoted. Our franchises offer a wide range of products to their customers, which means that you can work with customers in virtually any field. Every business needs what we sell to attract more customers, and we have become a one stop shop for all businesses’ marketing needs.

These are our six most popular products and services:

  1. Branded apparel and screen printing: uniforms, t-shirts, etc.
  2. Promotional products: pens, bags, lanyards, etc.
  3. Business printing: business cards, portfolios, stationary, advertisements, etc.
  4. Lead services: email blasts, mailers, post cards, etc.
  5. SEO: site inspections and recommendations, SEO services to increase rankings, etc.
  6. Awards: trophies, plaques, etc.

When you convert your business you will be able to offer these and hundreds of other products and services to your customers, giving you an edge over the competition.

Support from the Pros

As an independent business owner, every tiny detail is your responsibility. You want to find an efficient bookkeeping system? Find it yourself. You want to learn about a new product that your customers might be interested in? Do all the research on your own, including cost analysis and finding a quality supplier. Join our franchise system, and we will use our enormous resources to help you figure these things out.

We are part of United Franchise Group (UFG), a company with over 30 years of experience with franchise brands. UFG has a huge support system to give you and all our franchisees the resources they need to thrive. With more than 1,600 franchises from 10 brands in over 80 countries, UFG has proven their ability to support business owners. If you’re wondering if you should convert your small business into a Fully Promoted, this alone should be enough to convince you.

Converting your independent business into a franchise is simply great for business. You can learn from our expertise as you grow your business with our brand. If you are ready to get started, get in touch with us and one of our conversion pros will get back to you.