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You might be wondering if a sign business conversion is right for you. After all, you have already built a business that you are proud of and you don’t want to lose your independence by joining a big brand name. But there are some real advantages to converting your business into a franchise. Put simply, owning a franchise beats individual entrepreneurship in tree ways:

  1. Brand Support
  2. Efficient Growth
  3. Industry Expertise

Keep reading to learn more.

Brand Support

The support of a strong and proven brand has a huge impact on your business when you convert it into a franchise. A large brand with franchisees and corporate employees has a built-in network of people who understand your business inside and out, giving you a huge advantage. As business owner, all responsibilities fall on your shoulders–you have to do everything from managing the books to testing new products to researching technology and everything in between. When you have the strength of your brand behind you, you can take a step back to focus on your business at large and lean on the group for help with many of these things.

Efficient Growth

It goes without saying that a large brand has to be efficient in order to succeed. When a brand has hundreds of franchisees, supply centers across the world, and relationships with top vendors in the industry there has to be a certain degree of efficiency or the whole thing will fall apart. Before you consider a sign business conversion, make sure you are working with a company that has streamlined its processes to make operations go smoothly for its franchisees (whether they are conversions or not).

An experienced franchise system will have policies and processes in place to help you grow your business more efficiently. Whether it is a simple to use bookkeeping system, assistance developing your marketing program, or anything else that takes some work off your plate, these things allow you to spend your time finding new clients and otherwise growing your business.

Industry Expertise

Probably the most valuable thing you will gain from converting your business into a franchise is the industry expertise. Combined with the large brand network, expertise in the industry helps you maximize your own industry knowledge. When you combine what you already know about your business with everything that a franchise brand has to offer, your sign business conversion has an even greater shot. Independent business owners can get burned out from doing all the work all the time, so converting lets you take advantage of the expertise of the larger brand.

No matter how much experience you have with your business, it can never hurt to have a little bit more. Choose a franchise that has a history of putting people in business and then supporting their success. A brand that sees your success as their success will help you on the road of converting your business and seeing it grow.

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