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Industry overview (what we do and where we fit)

Fully Promoted is a part of the booming $17B promotional products industry. We’re unique because we’re a one-stop shop for all branding and marketing solutions to help other businesses promote their products. The industry is very segmented, causing business owners the hassle of visiting five or six different vendors to meet their promotional needs: this isn’t cost-effective and can be very time-consuming.

With Fully Promoted, we can fulfill all promotional marketing needs in one place! Our local promotional products franchisees build relationships with clients that make it easy for them to shop at Fully Promoted for years and years. They know that they can come to us and expect complete solutions to any marketing issues they need to resolve.

The strength of the Fully Promoted group is what sets us apart. Our efforts have allowed us to become No. 1 for apparel and promotional products and lead the promotional products industry while surpassing other stores on the decline.

We take pride in being very proactive instead of reactive. Through our tight-knit group of franchisees, we’re able to work together to deliver orders on time and within customers’ expectations. Our entire franchise network of over 300 stores works together to fulfill orders for local stores and national accounts.

This greatly benefits our customers, as they can drop ship or rely on other local Fully Promoted stores to provide products and services. Our franchisees work to keep drop ships within one store if they can, but thanks to many locations, we can work with other stores. We have our internal network of customers, and while one store might have a close relationship with a customer, we can help customers throughout the network.

Fully Promoted features two different business models. With our two models, franchisees can build their book of business. Our store-based model is our traditional model, where you’ll need a couple of employees to assist with customer service and production. However, in 2019, we introduced our office model for franchisees who want to do it alone. While we recommend a salesperson to help you grow your business, you could probably do it yourself.

Either model you choose, Fully Promoted has many benefits built into our business model. As we serve other businesses, our B2B model is recession-resistant. We work with small to medium businesses and corporate and franchised companies. We have a low employee overhead cost and low to no inventory. Since everything is custom, we’re able to do more in-house. Customers can choose from over a million products in our database, and we’ll figure out how to customize them to the customer’s needs. If we need to outsource, we’ll work with our network to find a store nearby that can order the product, attend to the detailing, and get it to the customer.

Fully Promoted can service clients across a wide range of industries. Those industries include professional services, non-profits, charities, education, medical, restaurant, banking, manufacturing, oil and gas, and so many more! Our customers are experienced local business owners with unique needs and come to us to build their customer base. The possibilities are truly endless.

We’re proud to offer thousands of high-quality products and complete marketing solutions for our customers. As the only company to do so, we stay at the forefront of the extensive promotional products industry. Each store adapts to its markets by offering the best products and services for that specific market. We stay on the cutting edge of the industry by adapting to new products so our customers can attract more customers of their own.

Choose Fully Promoted for a franchise opportunity that helps clients in an in-demand industry with incredible product selection and an unbeatable franchisee network.

Curious to learn more about how Fully Promoted helps other businesses promote their products? Contact us today!