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If you’re looking at different companies for a printing franchise opportunity, consider Fully Promoted as your way to get your foot in the door. The billion-dollar industry (valued at $412bn globally in 2020) is expected to continue its climb to $473bn by 2026.

The industry’s remarkable growth is due to technological proliferation, an increase in commercially printed materials, and increased demand for promotional products from the retail, food, and beverage industries. Eco-friendly practices, like implementing recycled paper, are reducing the printing industry’s impact on the environment and, as a result, driving the market.

Print, as it would seem, is far from obsolete.

Printing Franchise Opportunity Services

As a Fully Promoted printing franchise owner, you’ll handle all of your customer’s printing needs, including helping them to increase brand awareness by printing designs on:

  • Garments. You can help your customers by providing garment printing that can print out any design.
  • Water bottles, key chains, pens, printed materials, and more. By utilizing screen printing, we can help customers put their information on more than just t-shirts.
  • Custom shirts. We offer several different printing methods for your customer’s needs.
  • Other products. Fully Promoted can also help customers by providing business printing, promotional products, and more.

The Future of Printing

While it’s hard to say what exactly will happen next, a few trends seem to be controlling the industry and driving its progress.

  1. The industry will continue to consolidate. Many baby boomer influencers and owners are retiring; more people than ever exited the labor force during Q4 of 2020. Traditional offset printing and digital printing volumes will consolidate with this change as cost savings and capabilities escalate.
  2. Both physical and digital communications have their place. Due to the pandemic and ongoing advancements in digital print technology, applications that can be enhanced with a shorter run, personalization, and customization are seeing rapid growth.
  3. Concerns about security have grown with the increase in digital-only communications brought on by the pandemic. This shift has left businesses apprehensive about their personal data being at risk and more open to communicating through more traditional methods like print channels.
  4. e-Commerce sites will continue as the desire for online purchasing practices accelerate, with consumers opting for the convenience and safety of online ordering.
  5. Innovation is an important industry driver. Having a sound system that keeps jobs flowing is crucial and can provide payoffs every day regardless of physical location. Automation and artificial intelligence are expected to grow over the next two years.
  6. Sales and marketing activities need to be evaluated to optimize customer engagement. Both teams need to be equipped with the proper tools to sell products and services effectively. This process can be completed by examining best practices and modeling efforts around specific, well-defined steps.
  7. Data security is a differentiator. Privacy and security clauses are becoming more commonplace as cybercrime rates rise. Consumers take comfort in privacy-conscious, secure organizations.
  8. Consumer scorecards can provide great insight into how customers view a company and what innovations deliver continued improvements.
  9. Delivering a broader range of products and services is enabling CMYK+ print enhancements to become more prevalent in digital production devices, creating competitive differentiation and expanding offerings.

The print industry is continuing to adapt and evolve. Fully Promoted, and their printing franchise owners are staying on top of the industry in order to serve their customers with high-quality products and services.

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