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Every year Entrepreneur magazine recognizes the top 500 franchise brands in the industry, and this year Fully Promoted’s promotional marketing franchise made the list! We are especially excited about this year’s rankings because, in addition to our brand, three more United Franchise Group franchises were also recognized. These include Transworld Business Advisors, Signarama, and Experimax. Learn more about this recognition and what areas of the franchise experience are assessed to determine Entrepreneur Magazine’s list.

Why We Received this Recognition

Entrepreneur Magazine’s ranking follows specific criteria that they believe are pillars of the ideal franchisor. For over four decades, Entrepreneur has developed a comprehensive list that covers all industries, from gyms, to cryotherapy, to our promotional marketing franchise. Let’s take a quick look at some of the key factors that play into Entrepreneur’s list and how they relate to the Fully Promoted opportunity.

Cost & Fees

Part of the ranking process includes an evaluation of the franchise disclosure document (FDD), especially the areas that summarize the investment. Entrepreneur will review the details of the franchise fee, royalty fee, and total investment for each brand while also considering what the franchisee gets in return. 

Our total investment ranges between $160,000-$165,000, including a franchise fee of $49,500. Our franchise fee is a one-time payment that grants our owners access to our brand systems and processes, grant and acquisition costs, board operational costs, and company revenue streams. Your total investment will also include the cost of opening and outfitting your physical store. Finally, franchisees can expect to pay a royalty fee of 6 percent, which comes from their store’s monthly gross sales revenue. This royalty payment is put toward growing our brand, supporting your business, and improving our service as the top promotional marketing franchise around. 

Brand Strength

Another pillar that makes up Entrepreneur’s report is the brand strength of each franchise company. When customers see your logo or hear your name, do they know what level of professionalism to expect? After all, what has always separated franchise ownership from going it alone is the brand name’s impact.

Fully Promoted was established two decades ago, we have evolved from a family-run business into one of the largest promotional marketing franchises in the business. With over 300 store locations, the name Fully Promoted stretches across the globe. United Franchise Group has helped us expand our reach and develop our brand. With industry recognition like ranking among Entrepreneurs top 500 franchise brands, we are able to continue building our legacy. 

Franchisee Support

Another crucial aspect of the franchise ownership experience is training and support. Entrepreneur Magazine takes the time to evaluate the franchisor’s training time, marketing, and operational support, along with overall franchise infrastructure. 

Fully Promoted does everything in our power to set our franchisees up for success. Our franchisees go through an initial training program that spans over two weeks and takes place at Fully Promoted University in West Palm Beach, Florida. After our training, Fully Promoted franchisees will enjoy top of the line support during their site launch and throughout the lifespan of their business. 

If you would like to learn more about our methods of supporting our franchisees, our training and support page lays out plenty of the details, or feel free to request a copy of our FDD. Our team at Fully Promoted is excited to take on 2020 at full speed and continue to build the reputation of our promotional marketing franchise to the top of the industry.

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