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For many years, Fully Promoted has found its way onto Entrepreneur magazine’s Franchise 500 ranking of the most respected franchises operating today. In fact, Fully Promoted sits well within the top 200 franchises nationwide and has continued to improve its position since Ray Titus founded the screen printing and promotional products behemoth back in 2001.

When you really get into the numbers, you can see that Fully Promoted’s position in the industry has been rising since 2011, and Fully Promoted has easily remained within the top 200 franchises in the country for the last three years running.

Part of Fully Promoted’s high ranking is attributable to the fact that the franchise remains a key cornerstone of the United Franchise Group, which brings with it the power of national marketing and advertising networks. What you may not have known, though, is that Fully Promoted has been named number one in its category according to Entrepreneur!

Franchise Awards a Testament to Reliability and Future Growth

Understandably, a lot of investors want to know up front what makes a franchise great and how can they get in on the ground floor. As it happens, rankings reflecting the success of franchises from all around the country take into account objective measures as well as a few intangibles.

Objective measures that contribute to a franchise’s greatness are things like financial stability and the ability for a franchise to transform a franchisee’s investment and hard work into growth and expansion opportunities over time.

On the more qualitative—though still detectable and very much relevant—side of things, you’re talking about the franchise’s ability to attract and retain fresh talent and, in addition, franchises that are dedicated to getting the most out of each and every franchisee they come across.

Bringing the best out of every franchisee really does start with filtering down an ethos of hard work, dedication, and fidelity to a vision from the very top of a franchise down to the most recent franchisee. With that in mind, the first award, if you will, goes to Fully Promoted’s founder, Ray Titus:

Excalibur Business Leader of the Year Award

Ray Titus won the Excalibur award back in 2010 for his tireless dedication to community enrichment, growth, and innovation within a growing industry. The fact that Fully Promoted founder Ray Titus was a keen supporter of community groups like the Heath Evans Foundation and Junior Achievement of the Palm Beaches speaks to his dedication to excellence in business and commitment to social justice.

Governor’s Business Diversification Award

The 2011 Governor’s Business Diversification Award was bestowed on the United Franchise Group for its strong commitment to diversifying and enriching Florida’s economy. The award makes special note of the fact that the United Franchise Group in general and Fully Promoted in particular improved community investment by targeting economic development and ascending wage growth.

Counselor Power 50 and Counselor Award

Ray Titus has been awarded the n addition to being recognized as the Counselor International Person of the Year. The latter distinction is owed largely to Fully Promoted’s dedication to pushing boundaries and, over time, creating over 300 stores in more than a dozen countries. Counselor also gave another nod to Fully Promoted by ranking the franchise in its top 20 in terms of promotional product distribution.

Franchise Times Magazine Top-200 Placing

Franchise Times Magazine looks at system-wide sales as well as international growth when compiling its ranking of top 200 franchise systems. Fully Promoted came out very well because of its growth, stellar team leadership, diversified promotional product offerings, and customized prints and promotional products.

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