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Have you heard the news?! Fully Promoted is the new face and name of EmbroidMe! We have updated our brand to include a full range of branded products and marketing services for all our clients.

The Evolution of a Brand

2000: The Start of EmbroidMe

When we opened our first store, we were one of the few places that small businesses could go for their custom embroidery needs. We made embroidered uniforms, shirts, aprons, hats, and other apparel that our customers used to promote their brands. At that time, 95% of our business was in embroidered apparel, while just 5% was in other services we offered.

2012: More Than Just Embroidery

As time went on, our other promotional products gained popularity and we began adding product offerings so customers could more easily customize their marketing. We moved from only offering embroidery on apparel to screen printing t-shirts and other clothing as well as non-apparel items like bags.

These were so popular that we started offering other items that our clients could use as swag for their employees, at trade shows, and offer customers. Some of these popular items included:

  • First aid kits
  • Pens, pencils, and notebooks
  • Keychains
  • Water bottles
  • Toys, balloons, and party hats

2015: Planting Marketing Roots

With the popularity of our swag items, EmbroidMe started offering small format printing to our customers—things like business cards, calendars, banners, signs, and displays. Small and medium businesses raved over the fact that EmbroidMe was one place where they could get a variety of their marketing needs met.

2016: The Shift

By 2016, 40% of our revenue came from our non-apparel offerings. It became clear to us and our franchise owners that non-apparel was a huge growth opportunity in our sector, so we decided to start updating our brand.

2017: Fully Promoted Is Born

After spending significant time in 2016 researching full marketing opportunities, determining the Fully Promoted brand goals, and implementing new infrastructure to gradually make the change, we announced in January 2017 that EmbroidMe is turning into Fully Promoted. This update marks an exciting change in our brand, and our franchisees will surely reap the benefits of offering our clients a full marketing strategy.

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Even though we are making exciting changes to our brand, we are still the amazing franchise opportunity we have always been. Here are some of the ways that Fully Promoted works for our franchise owners:

  • Franchise teams dedicated to helping all of our owners open and operate their businesses with confidence
  • Backing from United Franchise Group, a strategic brand management company with over thirty years of experience franchising in nearly 75 countries
  • B2B focus, which is resilient in nearly any economic condition
  • No industry experience required for franchisees

Expanding our product offerings is the next step in being the complete marketing solution for our clients and their businesses. Though there will be differences between EmbroidMe and Fully Promoted, these changes are pushing us into the future of our company.

We look forward to what is coming next!

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