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One of the best reasons to consider a franchise opportunity with Fully Promoted is our marketing assistance. Digital marketing for franchises is a vital element in most business promotional strategies, and we can provide promotional products and services to help clients take their business to the next level.

Competition is a fact of life in any industry, and brands are often encouraged to take their game one step further. Our products and services assist in this initiative by attracting new potential partners and establishing stronger connections with current clients.

Event Marketing

Fully Promoted’s event marketing can increase brand exposure through prominent displays of the business logo, good media coverage, and memorable promotional products. Event marketing provides businesses with the opportunity to personally interact with their clients. This personal interaction can boost brand appeal and sales.

Our event marketing strategy attracts a host of influencers, leaders, and event competitors. This results in a powerful tool to generate leads, enhance a brand’s image, and provide solid networking. We know that uniquely themed events and promotional products are a great way to help our franchisees make their customers stand out and take events to the next level.

Digital Marketing

Providing promotional products for a client’s event is only one part of the puzzle. When you add digital marketing strategies into the mix, there are even more services that you can offer to your clients and become a trusted advisor, including:

  • Providing email campaigns. By providing email campaign services to clients, you can help them personalize their email content, promote consistent branding, include calls to action, monitor email analytics, and test and optimize their campaigns.
  • Local advertising. Implementing a robust program to manage local business data across major data aggregators, search engines, social media profiles, and online directories is crucial. Consumers turn to search when looking for local businesses so making sure the information is accurate is important.
  • Smart SEO. SEO is crucial for increasing traffic and can be achieved by conducting keyword research, developing a clear site structure, creating original content that targets your location, and making sure your name, address, and phone information is consistent across Internet listings.

Digital marketing is becoming more important as more of the world shifts to an increased online presence. It’s vital to utilize digital marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition and become successful. Digital marketing comprises a wide spectrum of opportunities and tools and can directly impact and promote franchising.

Digital marketing for franchises can help increase franchise leads, provide analytics and reporting, attract franchisees through social media, and provide franchise marketing through emails. By becoming aware of the potential of digital marketing, you can use these services to achieve franchise growth.

Curious to learn more about Fully Promoted’s digital marketing for franchises? Contact us today!