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Are you the owner of a small business that sells marketing materials or branded items like team uniforms or promotional and specialty gifts? Have you been suffering from a lack of traffic to your store because of the economy or the pandemic? If you’ve been trying to figure out how to keep your doors open and knowing that you need help with marketing, sourcing, or fulfillment, we have a unique store conversion opportunity for you.

As the world’s largest branded apparel and promotional products franchise, Fully Promoted offers conversion opportunities for independent owners like you to become your customers’ ultimate one-stop shop for marketing strategies and solutions. With more than 250 resource centers around the world, Fully Promoted is an industry expert and leading franchisor.

Fully Promoted is part of the thriving $17.8B promotional products industry. There’s plenty of room for newcomers to our system to thrive and find success, as other businesses will always need marketing materials – which is something you know very well already. The products we provide are essential for businesses to run smoothly, and our proven business model has been built to maintain a strong customer base in virtually any economic condition.

Joining Fully Promoted as an independent owner means you’ll have more time to spend working with your customers and finding new ones. We do all the legwork so you can focus on your customers and business. We’ve streamlined and simplified our franchisee’s workload through our proven technology and wealth of resources to allow you to give greater attention to what makes your business run: customers.

We’ve Got Your Conversion Considerations Covered

If you’re an independent business owner who has seen your sales become stagnant, and technology makes it impossible to catch up, you may feel stuck. But with Fully Promoted, you’ll never have that issue: we’re dedicated to our franchisees and provide a host of advantages that independent owners can’t compete with. Converting your independent business to a Fully Promoted can help you see growth and thrive.

What kind of businesses are most successful for converting to a promotional products business? If you’re an independent business owner with an embroidery, trophy, sign, gift, uniform, business printing, promotional product, or marketing business shop, converting to a Fully Promoted will lead to additional revenue streams, an incredible network of suppliers, and industry-leading training and support.
As a flexible franchise opportunity, we’ll help you add revenue streams of your choice. Our fully developed marketing strategy makes it easy for franchise owners to select which additional services they would like to offer. You’ll still be in business for yourself and able to enjoy your independence. We’re here to support you, not compromise on what makes your business yours.

What Are the Benefits of Converting to a Franchise?

The answer is that there’s no better partner than Fully Promoted if you’re considering converting your independent marketing business into a franchise. We make it easy to convert your independent business into a Fully Promoted franchise. Our franchise opportunity can help you move past stagnant growth, out-of-date technology, and the inability to keep up with consumer trends and truly thrive.

Converting to a Fully Promoted can greatly expand your product and service offerings, and thus increase your customer base. We’re your customer’s go-to marketing franchise: we’re technically three businesses in one! Our branded apparel includes uniforms, workwear, shirts and polos, team and activewear, and jackets and outerwear. Our promotional products include bags and totes, drinkware, office supplies, pens, and those related to technology and mobile. Lastly, our marketing services include screen printing, embroidery, event marketing, and more.

Our partnership with United Franchise Group presents a unique opportunity to co-brand with Signarama, another powerhouse subsidiary of UFG. Signarama and Fully Promoted are B2B brands that both seek to help other businesses promote themselves. By co-branding, you can expand your network of product offerings and help your customers access everything from signage to uniforms in one place.

Co-branding is also a great way to save money while increasing your revenue. We provide discounts on our franchise fee, lower overhead costs, and savings on marketing expenses. There’s no reason not to open a co-branded location!

What Sets Fully Promoted Apart as a Conversion Partner?

Fully Promoted can take your independent business to the next level when you convert by providing you with brand recognition, added revenue streams, and a vast network of vendors and suppliers. Customers are more likely to visit a location of a brand they’ve heard of over an independent store, for with our name comes fast turnaround time, best-in-industry pricing, local and international relationships, and quick delivery.

There are many advantages to converting your business to a Fully Promoted franchise, including:

  • We’re a turnkey investment. We provide all the necessary equipment, hardware, software, fixtures, furnishings, extensive research, demographic studies, and more.
  • We have industry-leading training and suppor The comprehensive training and ongoing support that Fully Promoted provides sets you up for success and keeps you on the right track. UFG
  • We have all the tools you need to succeed. We keep franchise owners up to date on the latest products and services for customers with our ongoing research and development.
  • We make it easy to expand. Our business model is B2B focused, so you’ll always have other businesses to help.

You’ll also enjoy the advantages of our partnership with United Franchise Group. UFG provides eCommerce solutions, a brand marketing fund, a team of advisors, mass purchasing power, an extensive supplier network, industry-leading technology, research and development, brand equity, more than 20 years of experience, a proven B2B business model, a massive network, and thousands of products and services.

Our Large Franchise With Big Names Translates Into Purchasing Power

Fully Promoted is a well-established franchise, and as such, we’ve developed relationships with some of the best vendors and suppliers in the world. When you convert your existing business to a Fully Promoted franchise, you’ll greatly benefit from our mass purchasing power and curated network of connections, but at the same time, you’re still allowed the freedom to choose the suppliers you’d like to work with.

Plus, despite converting, you can continue utilizing your current connections in addition to our vast network of vendors and suppliers. This way, you can maintain your vendor relationships while enjoying working with our big-name vendors, including large brands like Nike, Columbia, Yeti, and more.

Product Selection That Can’t Be Beat

At Fully Promoted, we know every business or organization can benefit from marketing programs. Our ability to sell hundreds of thousands of the highest-quality promotional products, branded apparel, and expert marketing services is unequaled in our industry, thanks in large part to our mass purchasing power. When you convert your existing business to a Fully Promoted, you gain access to our vast catalog of products and services to further assist your customers and become their one-stop-shop for all of their marketing needs.

We offer a complete marketing solution to customers across a wide range of industries so you can help all the businesses in your community. Our product offerings include apparel, bags and totes, custom t-shirts, drinkware, embroidery, event marketing, food and candy, garment printing, pens, promotional products, screen printing, and more! We have a wide range of well-known, brand-name clients and feature curated product selections for every industry, including the medical and healthcare, construction, education, nonprofit, restaurant, banking, and more.

Additionally, Fully Promoted gives our franchisees the tools they need to stay competitive and maintain thriving businesses. Our team works hard to provide the latest research and developments so you can add new products with ease.

Conversion Costs at a Glance

One of the best features of Fully Promoted is that we feature a truly turnkey investment. If you’re an independent business owner looking to convert, you can rest assured that all equipment, hardware, software, fixtures, and furnishings are included with your store.

What’s more is that our estimated initial investment for a conversion franchise will be significantly lower if you can continue to use your existing location and equipment and convert the business to a Fully Promoted Store. The total estimated initial investment for a conversion franchise is approximately $49,500 to $57,000, which includes the $35,500 initial franchise fee and an amount for signage and other improvements to fit the Fully Promoted image. Notably, this initial investment may be higher if you are unable to use your existing location and equipment in the conversion.

Additional Conversion Benefits to Consider: Training, Support, and Much More!

Fully Promoted has an intensive training process is designed to teach you virtually everything you need to know before opening up shop. Over the course of four weeks, we’ll show you our proven systems and processes, as well as provide guidelines and tips to achieve the highest level of franchise success.

Our ongoing support helps franchise owners keep their momentum. After all, it’s our goal to see you succeed! Fully Promoted has crafted our business model to ensure that our knowledgeable franchise experts and support team are able to answer your questions and address your concerns. We provide regional meetings, training sessions, owner conventions, online support, regional support staff, and technical assistance for franchisees.

Our available U.S. franchise territories include all 50 states, and we’re also available worldwide. If you’d like to expand beyond one location, we offer multiple unit opportunities, area developer positions, and master licensee programs to take your investment further.

No matter the conversion type that best suits your circumstances, when you convert to a Fully Promoted franchise, we’re there for you every step of the way. Whether you need technical support from corporate, advice from fellow franchisees or a quote for a new product or service, we have you covered.

When you convert to a Fully Promoted franchise, you still own your own business, but you’ll never be alone on your business journey.


To find out more about converting your business to a franchise with Fully Promoted, get in touch today!