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Breaking into the promotional products industry with Fully Promoted doesn’t require you to be an expert. On the contrary, many of our franchisees come to us with experience in varied fields such as corporate work and teaching. Others are simply looking to start a family business. We’re able to help them break into our exciting industry because we’ve developed a comprehensive training program that gets them up-to-speed on how to run their new location. Read on to learn about some of the training and support resources you can expect. 

Training on Running a Fully Promoted Franchise

You don’t need an extensive background in graphic design or screen printing to start a franchise with Fully Promoted. This might be a surprise to some: our franchise stands out in the promotional products industry because we’re able to produce just about any promotional product our customers can dream up. Mugs, pens, t-shirts, embroidered apparel, tote bags – we’re a one-stop shop, and our franchisees are valuable resources to the other businesses in their area.

So how are we able to prepare inexperienced franchisees to handle all this? When you partner with us, you’ll spend two weeks at United Franchise Group’s (UFG) World Headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida. There, you’ll get familiar with the basics such as …

  • How to order customized products
  • Our brand differentiators
  • How to keep accurate records
  • Marketing your new business

You’ll receive a further three weeks of training via web-based programs and right in your own location – we’ll join you there to prepare for your grand opening. Our operations and marketing experts will be there to guide you step-by-step through the process of setting up your new store and spreading the word about your new business. 

Ongoing Resources Simplify Your Transition into the Promotional Products Industry

One of the best things about franchising with a brand like Fully Promoted is that you can count on us to provide you with resources to use as you grow your business. We’re part of UFG, a company that owns numerous franchise brands and has had decades of experience building up new franchises and working with franchisees. They’ve helped us develop a business model that’s remarkably easy to learn, along with useful resources like online systems, a simple point-of-sale system, a comprehensive operations manual, and a dedicated franchisee support team. Independent business owners often need to work hard for years to figure out the most efficient ways to run their stores, but we’ve done all that leg work for you. 

Along these lines, our franchisees are also able to tap into our cache of ready-made marketing materials. These are easily customized, and can be used to attract potential customers in your area. We’ll even guide you on the most effective advertising channels to use. 

All in all, we’re dedicated to helping all our franchisees leverage our business model to achieve career freedom. 

Want to learn more about the ways we help inexperienced franchisees break into the promotional product industry? Contact us today to learn more.